Campus Men Selection Criteria

Campus Men helps students propel themselves in their career by appearing in popular, informative videos published on our site. We pay students who use our Self-Publishing Tool to add informative tips to our site. We also pay some of these students for appearing in videos of their own tips - which we film. To be compensated, you must first qualify for "Paid Campus Men status." While we pay students for appearing in videos, we do not pay anyone for posing for photos. We are not a modeling agency. We do not arrange modeling or acting jobs for anyone.

Criteria for Paid Campus Man Status

All Campus Men, paid or unpaid, are required to create a publicly available profile on our site.

You will not be compensated for creating a profile on our site.

When creating a profile on the site, you must use your real name and upload a profile image that shows your face.

You must be enrolled (or intend to enroll) as a student at any USA, Canadian, UK or Australian college or university to create a profile on our site.

To be considered to be paid for submitting "Tips" using our "Self-Publishing Tool" (we call this "Paid Campus Man Status," we require you tell us what you know about a topic by using Self-Publishing Tool. (We do not compensate you for the first time you use our "Self-Publishing Tool".)

(The text you submit through our tool must be original and must not be copied from other websites.)

After you use our "Self-Publishing Tool" your first time, our staff will review the published tip, check it for plagiarism and email you if you have been selected for Paid Campus Man Status.

Criteria for Selection for Participation in a Campus Men Video Shoot

If you are selected for Paid Campus Men status, you can additionally be invited to participate in one of our professional video shoots. However, achieving Paid Campus Men status does not guarantee you will be invited to a video shoot. It is up to our sole discretion as to who we invite to our shoots.

It is entirely possible for you to use our Self-Publishing Tool and never get invited to a shoot. However, you will be compensated for using our Self-Publishing Tool (provided you obtained Paid Campus Man status.)

Using our "Self-Publishing Tool" a single time does not entitle you to participate in one of our shoots. We invite students who have an ongoing relationship with us and who have used our Self-Publishing Tool several times.

  • You must be a resident of the USA or Canada to participate in a shoot.
  • If you are under 18, your parents will need to give us written permission before you can be invited to a video shoot.
  • We only invite students who have used our "Self-Publishing Tool" a minimum of four times.
  • There is no cost to you for participating in our shoots.
  • If the quality of your tips declines over time, we reserve the right to not invite you to a one of our shoots.
  • You agree not to publish the video or text for your Tip created during or for your shoot on Youtube, Facebook or any other website.

Are you ready to get started? Begin by using our Self-Publishing Tool. If you have not already created a profile, you will need to create one before being able to use our Self-Publishing Tool.

Creating a Campus Men profile provides you an opportunity to build a fanbase on the Internet and get paid for adding tips to our site using our incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool. Six minutes filling out a form describing super-easy concepts and you get a check in the mail!

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