Hair Stylist Describes Working on Campus Men Shoots

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Working with Campus Men in Key West, I remember, we had twelve models, 21 days. I think a model shoot every two days which took four hours. So I saw them 3-5 days beforehand. After the sunburns, and teaching them how to cope with the sunburn, get rid of the tan lines, making sure they were going to show up for the shoot and for not having eaten, so they were nice and slender, meeting with them 3-4 days in advance, 2 days in advance and bringing all your stuff to the shoot.

That was a lot of fun.

One of the funnest things was living through tropical storm Hugo. 24 inches of rain and 12 inches of rain in 24 hours. and after, everybody was so stressed out and photo shoots weren't happening because of this or that unwinding on Duval Street, during the day time and these torrential downpours and finally just cohesive group and everybody was looking out for each other. That made it a whole lot of fun.

Riding bicycles home at four in the morning through a cemetery, because the bars are open late, and campus guys drink.

It occurs a lot, and with young people it occurs all the time. But, you as a hairdresser, have to tell them - "You are shooting tomorrow at 10AM," or "You are shooting tomorrow at 2PM. So, you can't drink too much. You have to get some sleep tonight." And remind them that they are there to do a job.

I worked for Campus Men two years before that and I did not have the experience. But, after two years, that helped a lot and are able to take charge and direct the models. If you take charge and direct the models, they will listen to you. They'll listen, they will absolutely really listen. Because they understand that you are in control and you know what needs done.