Video Shoots: Student Meets Eccentric Professionals

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By Nik Janezic, a student at Virginia Tech.


Friday night, I was treated to an awesome dinner. I met a screenwriter and then I just went to bed.

Woke up Saturday, did some background footage. One of the background footage which was required us to film with a keg. We couldn't get keg so we found the next best thing, like the beer trucks with the logos on them. So, we had a Mustang. Mustangs are awesome. We put the top-down and rode past it in 40 degree weather which was not fun it's just we had a guy driving and me like, awesome, beer.

Another part of the background footage was just simply just like body language acting. I worked with another guy. We pretended to be typical college students. Like, we don't even have to pretend. I am a typical college student. He acted like he had a camera and uses telling me. That I would film him with the camera. And we do that in a gym. Like, he had a camera, I had a camera.

Since the background footage, You don't get like the vocals of myself or my partner, you just got a pretend like you're talking so like that was cut hard to pretend the converse with someone and make it look like you're actually conversing. so, like I like Michael Vick, so I try to incorporate that anyway I could.

Okay like being a feature model, they, they took me to like at a tight schedule, they drove me to the stylist. We interviewed with him.

That was a new experience. He, like most guys, they don't care too much about their hair. Its mostly chicks, oh my my hair. There was a new experience and I enjoyed it. They say hair is just as much a part of your body as your muscles and all that. Which I think is true. You got to have good hair.

After that we are on a tight schedule, we went right to a skincare place. And that was totally new for me. It's something it's kind of a spa atmosphere. So.

They had what they called a micro-dermabrasion system. It pretty much sandblasted skin and cleans it. It was pretty awesome.

My most memorable event this weekend would have to be the skincare guy. Just, he burns in my memory. Just the way he talked and yeah.

They all seem professional, very relaxing. But all completely new.

I have met more creative people as a result of becoming a featured model, like you may call them like eccentric, er I don't know, but they know what they're doing, like make you look cool like celebrity like. They may seem a little rough around the edges but they do know what they're doing. I filmed at those places just kind of give guys at insight into... You know, you guys can take care of yourself better out there. like, there are spas. It may feel gay to go to them but, you can go to a spa. It's cool. You can get your hair, you can get a consultation. It's cool. I did it. So, I mean just consider it.

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