What Are Our Pro Video Shoots Like?

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By Nik Janezic, a student at Virginia Tech.


Okay, on my last day, I got up early about eight o'clock, came to a gym. We did two video shoots. It took about 45 minutes each.

When I was first given the scripts, I had to memorize them totally but you can't just memorize script and then read it off the camera. It looks stupid. So, it was a new experience for me. I would have to read a line like put emotion into it, then kind of pause, do the next line and then it all comes out a lot cleaner. Just makes a better video.

A video shoot, it's basically like what it sounds like a video shooting of you. So, you need to worry about noise like and lighting. Lighting is very important. As far as like lines and scripts are concerned, it's not too big of a deal if you've got a good editor and get equipment and all that, it's not too difficult to do.

At a video shoot, like you're going to have the camera of course, the mic hooked up to you and you'll have a light. Then you will have little take board, cut thing. And you got a director and then your scripts. And that's about it.

Comparing a video shoot to a video bio, in my opinion, there are kind of along the same lines. I mean of course it's more professional now. It's like a video shoot. But, as far as like work on my part, it's about the same.