How to Get Ready For Your Video Shoot

This professional shoot. As such, we expect the most from you and urge you to adopt a commitment to prepare yourself beforehand. Preparation can consist of both 1) preparing yourself physically and 2) getting organized. Let's start with getting organized...

A Written "Script" is Key to Success

Filming a pro video is different from training to play in a game. Preparing for a video shoot involves planning and memorizing, not just an ability to move. Although the topic of the video may involve something you have done a million times, you do not step in front of the camera without a script. Surprisingly, even if you do not speak in your video a script is still created.

This is because video editing time is costly and the more organized a shoot, the less "takes," mistakes and start and stops will be needed. And less time will be needed in the editing studio.

Plus, your video will get finished and published faster with more practice beforehand.

Prepare Two Weeks Prior

We will send you a model release two weeks in advance. Sign it and mail it to us through the US mail. We must receive your signed model release no later than 7 days prior to your shoot date.


1) Please add a "Tip" to the site for each video you intend to appear in two weeks in advance. Use the site's Self-Publishing Tool. (We do not work with Microsoft Word documents.)

We do not expect you to be a professional writer, but you know your sport, so we need you to take the first step of "unloading" all you can tell us about your topic into the Self-Publishing Tool. After you create the initial text, our professional writer will clean up your text and make it read well!

2) After your Tips have been professionally edited by our writer, Practice your scripts by reading them out loud. Identify sentences and words that are difficult to pronounce. If you frequently have difficulty with the same words or long sentences, change these to something that is easier to say!

3) The more time you spend in advance preparing your script and pre-planning what you will be doing in front of the camera, the faster you will complete your video shoot and the more watchable your video will be to viewers.

4) After you practice your Tips, schedule a day and time to hold a phone or skype conference with one of our editors.

5) Discuss each script with our editor via phone, informing the editor of problem words and sentences that you encountered when practicing. The editor will rewrite these for you. If there is any part of a script that will be difficult to capture on film, tell the editor when you speak.

Prepare One Week Prior

Looking good is almost as important as being informative in your video. This is why we have specific guidelines for preparation. Its not good enough just to be informative in a video. We also want you to look your best!


Before arriving, we need to see the clothing (shirts, shorts, shoes) you intend to bring to the shoot. We check for problems with color, trade-marks, and how the items will look on camera. Once again, we need to "see" these items to judge them. You can show us via Skype or by emailing us images you take of your clothing using your phone.

It is important that your clothing be clean and wrinkle-free. To avoid wrinkled clothing from being packed in your luggage, roll your clothing, do not fold them. Please do not bring shirts that display large logos of brands. A small logo on a shirt or waistband is acceptable. If the logo is 8 inches wide, please do not bring it.


If you get your hair cut before your shoot, be careful. Getting a bad cut can ruin your shoot. It is better to avoid getting your haircut close to your shoot. Alternatively, only have a stylist cut off split ends, shave your sideburns and back of your neck.

If you get a hair cut, emphasize to your stylist that you want no drastic changes!

Hats and Caps

It is often difficult to correctly light your eyes when you where a baseball cap at an indoor video shoot, so we avoid them when shooting indoors. We also avoid caps that have logos.


If your body will be seen in the video or you will be shirtless or wear a tank top, tanning your body is one of the most important ways you can prepare for a shoot. A tan line on your chest and shoulders from wearing a tank top or tan lines on your arms can ruin a shoot.

Spray tanning is also an acceptable way to get a tan.

If you tan before a photo shoot, be very careful to not burn your skin. Showing up at a photo shoot with red skin can ruin the shoot.

Mentally Preparing

• Although some videos may be simple concepts and only be 60-75 seconds long, they may require an hour or more to create. Be prepared to wait. Waiting long periods is common at a pro shoot, due to time needed to set up camera angles and lighting. You will arrive for your photo shoot long before you step in front of the camera.

• Be in a good mood. Be rested, not nervous. If you worry exceedingly about your shoot, your attitude may show on your face. Getting into a fight with your girlfriend before a shoot can effect your performance and concentration.

• At the shoot, avoid anything that can distract you. Learn to ignore cars driving by and teach yourself to only "see" the camera pointed at you. Pretend nothing else exists.

What to Bring

Bring all props, balls, equipment, tape, pads, etc. needed for your video. Add these items to the "Stuff Needed to Do This" area of a Tip. If the same equipment is needed for all your Tip videos, simply add the items to one Tip.

Stuff Needed Sectio

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