Typical Schedule for a Weekend-Long Video Shoot

The following is a generic schedule for a video shoot that is scheduled during a weekend. This is not the exact schedule for you. This is only a sample.


Review script for each video

Go to sleep early


7:00AM: Breakfast

8:00AM: Teaching session: how to move, how multiple takes work, how to pose, finding your mark, operating a slate, speaking tips, why not to be in a hurry, secrets to looking and sounding good on video.

8:30AM: Make-up applied. This can take longer if you have acne. Please notify the staff before departing for your shoot - if you have acne on your face.

8:45AM: Interview on video. This is where we ask you questions about your interests and life and you answer them on video. Key during this interview is pausing two seconds after hearing the question and before answering and restating the questions. Questions are based on the answers you gave on your profile page, so be sure to fill in as many answers on your profile as possible two weeks in advance. Footage from this interview is used to make a Video Bio - which you can upload to Facebook. (This video is the only video we create that you can upload onto Facebook.) You can download example questions we have used in the past.

9:15AM: Break (Tweet, update Facebook status during this time.)

9:30AM: Pose for a headshot photo. This will be used for your profile photo on the site. You will receive copies of these headshots and you can use them on Facebook or in any other way in promoting yourself.

10:00AM: Break

10:30AM: Shoot video close-ups. If any technique needs special attention, we need a "close-up" of it. For example, if holding the ball in a certain way is important, we shoot close-up footage that only shows your hand being placed on the ball. Needed close-ups must be identified in advance of your shoot. We create these close ups first, before shooting other footage.

11:30AM: Break (Tweet, update Facebook status)

11:45AM: Shoot video #1 and video #2 (We prefer to shoot videos in which you demonstrate something (and do not speak) first. This helps you get comfortable in front of the camera)

12:30PM: Lunch at the shooting location

1:15PM: Film video #3

1:45PM: Visit a Gym (optional) and Tweet, update Facebook status.

4:00PM: Film video #4 and video #5

6:00PM: Dinner

7:30PM: Film video #6, and video #7

9:00PM: End of day


7:00AM: Breakfast

8:15AM: Film video #8, video #9 and video #10

10:00AM: Record any vocal tracks (if needed)


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