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I've had a lot of conversations with both guys and girls in college about how to increase their metabolism. I always explain it the same way: Think of your metabolism as if it were a car. When you're driving in the city with your car, even though you're doing a lower speed, your gas mileage is pretty high. When you're on the highway, even though you're driving fast, your gas mileage is a lot lower. The same goes for your metabolism. Eating a few small meals throughout the day will actually slow your metabolism down since it constantly has to stop and restart. Eating constantly throughout the day, even though it's technically more food, will help your metabolism burn more calories due constantly having to work off ingested food. Below I'll explain the amount of meals you should be eating, as well as the kinds of food you should try and stick to. Check it out

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In order to keep your metabolism running at a steady and efficient pace, you should eat at least 7 meals a day. If you're awake for 16 hours, 7 meals equals out to about 1meal every 2.3 hours. The meals would look something like this Meal 1: Breakfast Meal2: snack Meal 3: lunch Meal 4: snack before workout Meal 5: snack after workout Meal 6: dinner Meal 7: snack Eating meals in this fashion will keep your body full and happy throughout the day. It'll provide you with energy to keep yourself active and alert, and your workouts will be amazing. Aside from all of those benefits, these meals will keep your metabolism running without any breaks, which will actually increase the amount of energy (calories) that you burn throughout your day.

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The important thing to consider when approaching 7 daily meals is the kind of nutrition each meal has. If you're eating sugary meals or meals full of carbohydrates all day, your metabolism isn't going to be able to increase enough to work off all the junk you're putting into your body. For this reason, the best nutrient to go after during your 7 meals is protein. Don't get me wrong- some carbs in your preworkout snack and in your dinner are definitely helpful- they provide you with necessary energy. Other than that, though, protein should be your best friend. Good forms of protein comes in eggs, meats, fish, cheeses, and nuts. As for sugar, try and avoid it as much as humanly possible. I know a good dessert now and again can keep us sane, but you really want to cut back on the sugar if you're trying to raise your metabolism in order to burn calories.

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It can be hard to only eat protein, especially when most forms of protein require some kind of cooking or preparation. A good way to ensure that you're getting an ample amount of protein, and to cut back on prep time, is to drink a protein shake. I personally enjoy Muscletech's Platinum Protein blend for both breakfast and my postworkout snack. Together, I get 80 grams of protein from these two shakes, and the time to make them is 2 minutes or less.

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Guys never really have trouble believing my metaphorical comparison between the way a car runs and the way a metabolism works. Girls, on the other hand, are a completely different story. It's all too common for them to ask me for advice, hear me out, and then tell me how wrong I am. The idea of having to eat MORE food to increase your metabolism and lose weight is something that turns these girls' world upside down. So I've basically given up trying to explain it to them. I just tell them to do cardio and eat healthily, and even then they rarely listen. At least us guys have some sense, eh?

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I have always had a very fast metabolism. However, I eat a lot in order to gain weight. My snacks are more like meals, and my meals are like supermeals. Once I started eating a ton of meals during the day, I looked into the kinds of effects that would have on my body. That is how I discovered the frequent eating metabolism effect. So take my advice and go eat! And as always,
Happy lifting,

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