How to Achieve Peak Contraction In the Biceps

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Step 1

Start your biceps with a massive exercise that brings them out of sleep mode. Standing or sitting EZ bar curls will work for this. Throw the Fat Gripz on and get lifting for about 4 sets.

Step 2

Ok, now that your biceps are sufficiently warmed up, it's time to get into the painful stuff. The next exercise will force your biceps to contract at the peak during the entire motion, and especially at the top of the motion. This exercise, Incline Dumbbell Curls, is going to put some serious hurt into those arms. Lay back and focus on bringing the weight up into your armpits, making sure to keep your head flat against the bench at all times. Do this for 3 sets, and don't forget the Fat Gripz.

Step 3

Now we'll test the arms to their limit with some reverse sets. Find yourself a standing cable machine and click any bar your prefer into it. Add Fat Gripz, and begin lifting. Wait wait wait! Make absolutely sure that you didn't add too much weight. In fact, drop the weight down to something that would normally seem too light to matter. For me, a guy who normally curls 120 lbs on the cable, the weight is generally dropped down to 40 or 30 pounds for this exercise. Lift the weight up past 90 degrees and as high towards your shoulders as you can. Then, on the way down, slowly count to six. Do this for as many reps as necessary- I promise you will feel the bicep burn of your life.

Step 4

Finally, once the peaks of your biceps are completely worn out, you will punish them one last time with a simple exercise that cements them into place. Raise that cable curl bar up until it's roughly 6 inches above your head. Then, keeping your elbows pointed straight ahead, you want to curl the bar towards your face with an explosive power. Bring it in, hold it at the peak for a 2 second count, then let it down. This exercise won't bring any muscle-tearing pumps to your arms, but it will work the peaks of your biceps in a way that will cause them to grow grow grow.

Special Attention

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Ahhh, the biceps. This muscle group is notorious for being the holy grail of physiques, and somehow it seems to be one of the hardest muscles for some people to build properly. Why? Because nobody thinks about all of the tiny muscles in the forearm and the muscles deep inside of the bicep. These, too, must be recruited in order for peak contraction to be gained.

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Like I said, I've always had tiny arms. I tried and tried and tried the textbook biceps exercises, but I could never seem to make them grow. Eventually I threw those exercises mostly to the side and spent my time doing things that forced my biceps to work at every portion of the movement. With these four exercises, peak contraction was unavoidable. Within a couple of months my biceps started to bulge out, and one day when I was doing the standing horizontal cable curls I had a young gentleman approach me and ask how I got my arms so big. I laughed a bit in my head, thinking it was crazy that somebody was asking me, chicken arms, this question. But I gave him the only advice I knew that worked and he went about his business. Now and then I still see him roaming around the gym, and his biceps have already surpassed mine. But, that's what you get when you combine proper techniques with perfect genetics. Lucky kid.

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My biceps have always been the weakest part of my body. I had chicken arms until I was about 20 years old, and then one day I had had enough. I decided that it was time to change my arms for the better, starting with my biceps. I bought some Fat Gripz and started getting to work.

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