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Whether you're doing pull-ups, curls, skull crushers or shrugs, having a solid and reliable grip strength is necessary when weightlifting. Besides just weightlifting, grip strength can come in handy when you are moving furniture into/out of your dorm/house, or when you need to make sure you don't lose your hold a beer can during a long night of partying. No matter what the reason is, getting a stronger grip can be tough to figure out. But rest assured, I won't let you down- trust me, my grip is too strong.

Step 2

The first thing you should be thinking about when it comes to grip strength is the strength of your forearms. Whenever you grip anything, It's actually your forearms doing a majority of the work. A few good forearm exercises will help build up those big muscles that help the little ones keep on gripping. Try grabbing a barbell and placing your forearms on a bench, palm up. Let your hands come off the end of the bench, and lower the bar until it reaches your finger tips. Then flex your forearms and bring the barbell back into the palms of your hands. Do 4 sets of 25 of this exercise a few times a week- it'll help.

Step 3

Aside from forearm strength, it is imperative that you build up some hand power too. There are a few different ways to do this. One of which is by applying thicker grips to all the bars you use to exercise. Personally, I use Fat Gripz - The Ultimate Arm Builder, Blue if I want to get a pretty decent forearm pump on every exercise. I slap those bad boys on my curl bars, shrug bars, skull crushers, dips, bench press, later raises- you name it. If there's something for my hands to grab, I'm throwing Fat Gripz on it. And if I'm really trying to work my forearms, I'll use Fat Gripz Extreme. These red Fat Gripz are just a little big bigger, but they make a huge difference.

Step 4

Using Fat Gripz, like doing forearm exercises, will increase the strength inside of your forearm. Fat Gripz also force your hands to open up wider as they grip the bar, so they inherently grip harder. If you use them on every single exercise that you can, you'll notice your grip strength go through the roof.

Step 5

The last way that you can work on grip strength is something that is actually done outside of the gym. Grab yourself a Gripmaster Hand Exerciser. This handy little contraption works your hands simply by being squeezed. Take it in your bag to class, or leave it in your car and squeeze it while you're driving. After a while it will make your palms tough and your grip powerful.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Difficulty for grip strength comes in figuring out just how strong your grip has actually gotten. The best way to do this is to load up a shrug bar before you start following the above advice. Stand up and hold that shrug bar for as long as you can (time yourself). After a while of doing the different tips above, grab the shrug bar again and time yourself again. This way you'll be able to witness the improvement in your grip strength.

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I knew a guy who was moving out of his apartment and into a house with his girlfriend. He didn't have much trouble getting stuff out of his own place cause he had help from me and a few other friends. When he went to help his girlfriend, though, he was moving her dresser -one of those big ones with the mirror connected to the top- and his grip slipped on the side he was carrying. The dresser itself was fine but the mirror on top was shattered. I think his girlfriend eventually got over it...but it might have taken a while. Don't be like my friend, get yourself some grip strength.

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I always had a pretty good grip. During my fifth grade year we had a competition to see who could hold their chin up above a pullup bar the longest. I broke a minute and beat all my friends. But as I got older and more into weightlifting, I realized that there were no drawbacks to spending a bit of time increasing my grip strength. Pull-ups become easier, shrugs become easier, deadlifts become easier. Life gets better. Get the Grip!!

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