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When you look at the pros in the fitness and bodybuilding world you'll probably notice one thing more than almost anything else: chest size. Whether you're a competing professional or just a normal guy who wants to look good for the babes on the beach, having a set of godlike pecs will help you stand out and feel proud. But in order to get there, you've got to do a little more than the occasional push-up. Let's take a look at some exercises that can help you on the path to getting the chest of a Greek god.

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The first exercise we'll look at is the incline barbell bench press. The angle of the exercise is raised from a traditional bench press, and this alteration forces the upper portion of your pecs to do most of the work. And by using a barbell, you're able to load put a ton of weight in order to maximize gains. To do this exercise properly, place both feet flat on the floor in a semi-wide stance. Then grip the bar with your hands just outside of shoulder width. Assume a natural arch (very very slight) in your back, and lift the bar into the air. Bring the bar straight down towards your nipples, stop when it is an inch above your chest, then push it back up to starting position.

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The second exercise worth exploring in order to get a larger set of pecs is the incline dumbbell press. Similar to the barbell press, the angle will force your upper pecs to do the bulk of the work. However, by using dumbbells instead of a barbell, you are able to lower the weight beyond that of the incline barbell bench press, which helps stretch the outer portion of the pecs, promoting a ton of wide growth. To do this exercise, place your feet flat on the floor as before, and lift the dumbbells straight overhead. Bring them down in line with your nipples, and let them fall until the weight is parallel with your chest, then push back to the starting position. This will stretch your pecs and create a massive pump.

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The third exercise we will look at is the traditional push-up with a bit of a twist. Instead of normal push-ups, try to incorporate the Perfect Pushup Elite handles, which will allow your body to go lower than a typical push-up gives room for. This kind of extra range of motion will recruit more muscles from within your pecs in order to maximize strength and growth. To do this exercise, place your feet close together, with toes on the ground. Straighten your neck and back, and lower your body until your chest is within one (1) inch of the ground. Then explode back up into the starting position.

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Another exercise to examine is the incline dumbbell fly. Incline dumbbell flys will push the outer chest to its limit on the way down, and force the inner chest to work very hard on the way up. This gives your chest the striated look that everyone tries so desperately to get. Placing feet flat on the ground, hold the weights above your head and lower them directly outward perpendicular to your nipples, always keeping a slight bend in the elbows. Then, when maximum depth is reached, you will flex the inside of your chest and raise the weights back over your head.

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The final exercise we will look at for the chest is the decline barbell bench press. Similar to the incline, the decline operates on a changed angle from the traditional bench press. However, while the incline forces the upper chest to work very hard, the decline angle of this exercise will force your lower chest to contract more than any other part of your pecs. This kind of targeting will cause your lower chest to develop a noticeable 'cliff' look, where it will drop off and leave a nice undercut for your pecs. Doing this exercise is exactly the same as the incline barbell bench press; although as a side note, I'd recommend taking the first few sets slowly and with light weight, as the angle can be difficult to get used to at first.

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You'll notice that most of the exercises above are focused on lifting on an angle of incline. The reason for this is that the bulk of your prize-winning chest will come from the top portion, or the "upper shelf." By constantly targeting the top of your chest, you'll stretch, grow, and shove your pecs into the shape of Hercules', or maybe even Thor's.

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A lot of professional bodybuilders have completely given up the traditional bench press. This is because the flat angle doesn't recruit as many muscles within the pec-region as a staple exercise should. When I learned that Mr. Olympia Phil Heath hardly ever lays down on a flat bench to put up barbell weight, I immediately realized there was sound reasoning in focusing primarily on incline bench movements. After I started ditched the flat bench for an inclined angle, I noticed insane pec growth in every single area, which is pretty nice when I hop on the beach and stroll among the babes.

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I remember being a young man who had never touched a weight in my life. I was going hiking with my family and I wanted to wear a compression fitness shirt while doing it- it was hot out there man! I threw one on and we started up the first hill when my mother says to me, "wow, you have a chiiiicken chest." And she was right. When I started working out I couldn't forget hearing that I had a chicken chest. I did normal bench pressing and pushups for some time, and then in wrestling practice one day my coach asked me if I had called the cops. "No," I said, "how come?" He just looked at me and started laughing, "because someone stole your chest muscles!" After that I knew I had to change my chest routine in a big way. I did my research and the findings I found I have now found to be worth your finding out too. And I hope they help you the way they helped me.

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