How To Win a Wrestling Match

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Step 1

Get ready! Get in the zone, this is your night. You need to prepare yourself mentally for an ass-whooping and then remind yourself how badly you don't want that ass-whooping. Walk around, get your blood flowing, and start focusing hard. Focus on how you'll feel if you lose, focus on telling your friends you didn't try hard enough, then focus on how amazing it'll feel to pin your opponent, 1v1.

Step 2

Practice your moves! You should have at least one, but hopefully two go-to moves that you've worked on day in and day out. Get ready to use those to become your opponent's worst nightmare. Do some push-ups, some jumproping, and tons of fake shots. This will get you ready to win.

Step 3

Drop everything. Right now, nothing else matters. You're in the middle of the mat with one other person. If you've got family problems, bad grades, low self-esteem, a test tomorrow, or whatever; there's nothing you can do about it during the 6 minutes on the mat. All you can do is push yourself to your limits to beat your opponent. Do not ever give up. Do not ever give in. If you feel like you don't have the strength in you, you're wrong. Dig deep inside and find something worth fighting for. Push your god damn hardest and I promise you'll come out with a win after that 6 minutes. Good luck, champ.

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The only person standing in the way of victory is yourself...and that stupid other kid on the mat. ;)

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I was always a winner in high school, and these are the tips I gave myself before each match.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I started doing this my sophomore year of high school, and it was because I would pump the team up by saying it and would help us achieve a win!

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