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The natural ectomorph has a skinny frame and will find that no matter how often they hit the gym it is still ridiculously hard to pack on size and muscle. I was one of these people, and I hated it. But have no fear! there is a way to get big just like the other giants walking around your gym, and I'm gonna do my best to help you get there.

Step 2

let's talk food. Food is the most essential part of an ectomorph's journey to bigness. While most weight lifters are encouraged to consume carbs sparingly, it just so happens that carbs become an ectomorph's best friend. I'm going to show you how to eat right, that way you have the best possible chance to back on some serious size.

Step 3

First of all, you should be eating 7 times a day at MINIMUM. More is better, but 7 will work if that's all you can fit in. I will list a general 7-meal day for you, and you can add extra meals wherever you are able to.

Step 4

Meal 1, breakfast- High carbs, high protein, medium to low fat. A good breakfast for an ectomorph might consist of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, and even pancakes or waffles. It's high in carbohydrates, and rightly so, for your body will absorb the first meal of the day and learn that its job that day is to pack on weight. Weight=size, and size=greatness for an ectomorph.

Step 5

Meal 2, snack- high protein, medium carbs, low fat. A solid snack will consist of something like chicken and rice. You will continue gaining muscle-building proteins from the chicken, and you'll also keep your body in weight-gain mode with the rice (or whatever other carb you choose)

Step 6

Meal 3, lunch- High carb, high protein, low fat. Lunch will be another large meal for the ectomorph. You should be packing in foods like potatoes, rice, bread, and other carbs. You should also have a good deal of protein in there (meats, fish, etc..) This will keep your body on weight-gain track.

Step 7

Meal 4, pre workout- High carb, medium protein, low fat. This is where you eat foods like bagels, bread, cereal, fruit, and any other kind of carb you can think of. If you can add some protein in there, feel free. But carbs are essential to your pre-workout meal. With these carbs you will burn energy in the gym without losing any potential size or muscle.

Step 8

Meal 5, post workout- high carb, high protein, low fat. This is the meal where you eat what you want. Have some sugar. Eat some chicken. But most importantly, make yourself a mass gainer shake. I like to use Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Chocolate, 12 Pound. This big bag offers me enough mass gainer to last months, and I find that I am able to put on some serious size by incorporating it into my diet.

Step 9

Meal 6, dinner- High carb, high protein, low fat. For dinner you might eat something like steak and potatoes. Or fish and fries. A Big burger with all the toppings piled on. Hell, even grab yourself a pizza. As a hardgaining ectomorph, pretty much anything goes. Just continue eating big and piling on the carbs and protein.

Step 10

Meal 7, snack- medium carb, high protein, low fat. Grab yourself some carrots and peanutbutter, or maybe a ham sandwich. Don't shy away from carbs, but make sure that protein is the main ingredient during this late snack. Your body will sleep on all the carbs you consumed during the day, and the added protein from this snack will help your body focus on building muscle, which, ultimately, is the goal.

Step 11

You can incorporate other meals throughout the day with a focus on both carbs and protein. Whatever you eat, make sure you eat enough of it. And don't be scared to have some foods that traditional bodybuilders call "bad." For an ectomorph, carbs are absolutely essential to being able to pack on the kind of weight that makes you feel right at home with the big boys in your gym.

Step 12

Finally, don't be scared to lift big weights! But you should already know that. That's the easy part. Eat big, lift big, and you will definitely get to where you want to be.

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The hardest part about bulking up as a hardgaining ectomorph comes in the form of being able to eat so much during any given day. Food is expensive, and time is precious. If you have trouble being able to come up with a grocery bill, look into cheap foods that fulfill high protein and high carb requirements. If you don't think you have time during the day, spend one day of the weekend prepping food for the week. This way you will ensure that your body is able to consume the necessary nourishment for maximum size.

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One thing you have to be careful of is overbulking. Yes, it can even happen to ectomorphs. I had a client once who was a hardgaining ectomorph, and I prompted him to eat exactly the way that I have shown you above. He did so for a few months and noticed that he was gaining size like nobody's business. After a while, though, he was unable to curb his appetite for high-carb meals. He got too bulky, and eventually had to spend some time thinning down in order to show off the muscular physique that he had hiding underneath the bulk. As long as you pay attention to your size, you should have no trouble perfecting the growth that you so desire.

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I am naturally a hardgainer. When I started weightlifting I was always told that I would be too skinny to get anywhere with it. I didn't listen, though- I did research. After some trial and error, and close attention to my body, I was able to eat in a way that made me grow big just like the mesomorphs and endomorphs in my gym. Now I have enough size that I often get asked if I was always naturally muscular. I can't help but chuckle and remember the days of being called 'chicken-chest' or 'olive oil,' because my chest and arms were so small. But if I was able to do it, so are you. Good luck, and eat big-

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