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Eating clean is a surefire way to get a physique worth showing off- and whether you're a professional bodybuilder, average lifter, amateur athlete, or powerlifting powerhouse; eating clean is the thing to do. Below, I'll go over some very simple steps for eating clean and staying healthy, and I'll explain exactly why eating clean is necessary for those involved with fitness of any kind and at all experience levels.

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First of all, if you plan to eat clean then you need to figure out how to disperse your meals into proper portions of each type of nutrition. You should, as an athlete, try to incorporate a high amount of protein into each meal. You should also have a medium amount of carbs, and a small (but not too small) amount of fats. Figuring out the right ratio for your foods is the first step to following a clean eating plan. Technically speaking, this ratio is 45-65% carbs, 10-35% protein, and 20-35% fat between all of your daily caloric intake. That being said, protein offers far fewer calories per serving than carbs, so eating a lot of protein throughout the day but only a moderate amount of carbs will still likely end up coming out to appropriate ratio levels.

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Secondly, you need to eat these kinds of foods: fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit (occasionally), sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, brown rice, eggs, milk, and lean red meats. These foods constitute a completely clean diet, and if you compromise the healthy guarantee of the above list, you will certainly be eating a diet that is somewhat unclean. And please, for all sense and sensible behavior, stay far away from any sugar. Sugar is just plain bad, terrible, horrific when it comes to any level of clean dieting.

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Clean dieting is great for a number of reasons. It keeps you healthy as a normal human being, and can help extend the amount of time you get to spend on earth. It also will increase your abilities as an athlete, and give you an edge over the competition. As a bodybuilder, clean eating will provide you will a surefire way to make sure that your muscles are growing properly and consistently. And as a powerlifter, making sure that you large meals are cleanly eaten is a great way to massively increase your overall potential for strength long-term.

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Following a clean eating plan is simple once you understand the foods that you can and cannot eat. Not that you know, you should have no problem engaging in the kind of diet plan that will help bring you success from what is arguably the most important angle of health and fitness- nutrition.

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When I was growing up I would always ask my dad how he got to be in such good shape. "I go to the gym," he'd say back. But I realized that most people at the gym still weren't in as good of shape as my dad. I watched his habits, and even as a young kid I realized that it was the clean eating diet that led him to having a stellar physique, and great health. He never even bragged about how cleanly he ate, but when we ate around other adults it became apparent to me that a clean eating diet plan is not something that is normally done- so being able to watch my dad do it over a number of years was a blessing of education for me as an aspiring fitness enthusiast.

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I first started focusing on clean eating the day that I walked into the gym. I figured that if I was going to spend all of that time on the weights trying to craft the perfect physique, there was no way I was going to skip out on the diet portion. By using the simple and fundamental tips above, I was able to maintain clean eating habits. Now, you can too.
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