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The anabolic diet was developed by a great scientist in order to negate the use for athletes to take performance enhancing drugs by instead seeking to naturally enhance their fitness experience. This diet provides the active body with the type of nutrition that promotes testosterone and helps athletes gain size and strength.

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The anabolic diet follows two cycles: weekdays of high protein, and weekends of high carbs. These cycles alternate in a way that allows the body to produce a massive amount of testosterone and constantly fuel active muscles with all the necessary nutrients to promote insane growth. Then, when the muscles are resting, the anabolic diet makes sure that they are packed full of energy so that they may obtain the maximum potential of size and strength increase. All around, this diet never stops providing your muscles with the building blocks of a bolstering physique.

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Weekdays, high protein- On weekdays, you should eat eggs, chicken, fish, and lean red meats as a majority of your diet. This high-protein emphasis will force tons of nutrients into your hard-working muscles, which will become a surefire way to promote growth and healthy size/strength gain. You can still consume carbs during the weekdays, but protein should absolutely be the main focus.

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Weekends, high carbs- On weekends, you will rest from the gym. While you're resting, you'll pack your body full of carbohydrates that stuff themselves into every crevice. These carbs will give your body an excess amount of energy, which will allow it to heal as much as physically possible during its days away from the weights. You should still be eating a lot of protein, but make sure that carbs are a huge focus during these few days.

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Anabolic diets can be hard to swing around, as they constantly put your body through different kinds of eating. Personally. I use a protein shake every day (weekend or weekday) at breakfast and immediately after a workout. These shakes allow me to find some sort of stable ground on a diet that constantly switches things up. Once you get comfortable with the switching, though, everything will fall easily into place.

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Anabolic diets aren't only for weightlifters and athletes. Funnily enough, I was once neighbors with a guy who ate a strictly anabolic diet in order to keep his testosterone levels high enough so that he felt manly in his day-to-day life. I mean, there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel like a man- and the anabolic diet is definitely the way to go about about naturally doing it. But still, it seemed funny to me that even with prompting, my neighbor refused to work out alongside his religiously anabolic diet. Shame, too, because he could have had a physique to be proud of. Oh well; so it goes.

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I did my first run of the anabolic diet when I was bodybuilding with intensity during my first year of college. The diet worked wonders for me, and I know it'll do the same for you. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below.
Happy lifting,

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