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The type of training you do during the off season really depends on what season you're about to start. Not everything in the off season revolves around getting together with a team and practicing skills. A lot of it takes place in the gym and getting runs in. I'll break down what I do during the longest of the off seasons, the Winter training.

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Winter training The last 15s game of the fall tends to take place at the end of October or first week of November. I always take about 5 days off from most all activity after the end of any season. I take this time to heal and rest up. Using a foam roller is a great way to relax the muscles that have taken a beating all season. Finding a hot tub or getting a massage on any especially sore area can really expedite the recovery process.

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After I feel recovered, I start light. I try to get a good 2-3 mile run in and a whole body lift to get the muscles back in working mode. I work from big to little in terms of muscle group. I start with chest, then move to the back, then the shoulders, then the triceps and biceps. I try to mix in at least 2 core exercises in during the upper body lift.

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For the lower body I work heavy to light. I’ll start with squats, then leg press, then lunges, and then a finish up with calf raises and some floor exercises. After that I’ll finish with another couple of core exercises. Playing basketball or soccer as a cool down or warm up is a great way to mix up lifting sessions and give your mind a little break from rugby. It can also sharpen your athletic eye.

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I try to keep this routine going every other day giving special attention to muscle groups I see need more improvement than others. Mix up the cardio, running, biking, and hitting the elliptical are all great choices but always strive for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week. Focus on increasing the weight of all your lift. This will help you to bulk up with all that holiday food.

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I keep this routine going until Winter trainings start on the indoor turf. More focus is put on running and skills once this starts but hitting the weights is still a priority. If you've done your work, you should be feeling strong and confident when that first Spring preseason game rolls around.

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It's really easy to slack during the off season, especially over the holidays. Give yourself time to recover and enjoy the break from the bumps and bruises. Even during rest periods make sure you're at least maintaining and not loosing your level of fitness. Remember, forward ever backward never.

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Truth be told, there's not much of an off season when it comes to rugby. Like soccer, there always tends to be some sort of rugby going on. In the US collegiate and men's semi pro circuit there are 3 main seasons, Fall 15s, Spring 15s, and Summer 7s. The main off season takes place from late October to late February, and there are two shorter breaks on either side of Summer 7s, usually May and August.

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OSU rugby has an indoor turf field that they practice on during winter term. We also have a lot of lifting sessions during this time. The the Summer off season only exists for those who don't choose to play 7s. The off season, whenever they might happen, should be spent keeping the body healthy, and improving as much as possible.

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