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If you're trying to coach rugby you've probably played at either a high school or college level. Many college players start coaching before they're done playing. Ask your coaches if they know of any programs at a level lower than that which you play need coaching help.

Step 2

It is easiest to find an existing program and get to know the head coach. Since most players at the high school level are novices having extra help come to a few practices a week can really help with the individual attention a lot of kids need. Talk to the head coach as much as possible about their plans for running successful practices and strategy for winning games.

Step 3

After a season or two assistant coaching you might find yourself stepping in to a head coach position, often with a newer team. Understand that most players haven't played before so a great deal of patience is needed. Focus heavily on the fundamentals and fitness, not complicated plays. Make sure kids are having fun so they don't quit, but don't put up with bad attitudes.

Step 4

If you need extra coaching help, talk to your current or former team mates. Good ruggers are always wanting the sport go grow. The rugby community is vast and the more you network and market yourself the more opportunities you will have.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Don't expect any financial gains from coaching rugby at first. The more you volunteer, though, higher up the rugby community totem pole you'll climb and eventually you will reap some benefits.

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The popularity of rugby is growing rapidly in the United States. The inclusion of rugby 7s in the 2016 Olympics had caused clubs to be started all over the country, especially at a high school level.

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While I was a younger player with Ohio State I would help my coach when he would run rugby clinics for younger kids in the city. By the time I was a senior player I was traveling to local middle schools a couple of times a week to coach middle school kids in beginners rugby. I currently coach at the high school, middle school, and even elementary school level.

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