How to Develop a Rugby Spin Pass Technique

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Step 1

The first step of the spin pass is understanding how to hold the ball. If you are going to pass to your right this will require a a left handed spin pass, and if you want to pass to your left you will throw a right hand spin pass. Whichever hand you are passing with will be gripping the bottom of the ball and the other hand will be used like a guide hand is used in basketball.

Step 2

If the ball is being thrown right (left hand pass) it will spin clockwise. If the ball is being thrown left (right hand pass) it will spin counterclockwise relative to the view of the passer.

Step 3

Keep your chest over the ball when you make a spin pass. Keep your elbows loose, cock back and flick/turn your wrist as you straighten your elbow in an under hand motion. Your follow through should leave your hands pointed at your target.

Step 4

The best way to practice the spin pass is by simply tossing a ball with your mates. If you feel like practicing during some alone time, though, spinning the ball straight up in the air is a great way to practice. Try doing this with both hands and try it without the guide hand.

Step 5

Using a pass developer ball is a great way to strengthen the muscles used to spin pass and will improve the speed and distance of your throw. Don't try to kick it though!

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

A lot of people want to force the spin pass. Try to simply do what feels natural, it's not a complicated movement. Remember, the more you have a rugby ball in your hands, the more comfortable you're going to feel on the field. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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Some people are able to look at someone spin pass a rugby ball once and immediately understand the mechanics and motion involved in throwing it. Others try and simply have no clue. Unlike most other sports, rugby requires players to pass with both their right and left hands. The best passer don't show any preference to the left or right side.

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Fortunately, I fell in to the category of watching someone spin pass a couple times and it immediately made sense to me. Though, my pass was far from perfect, and after 6 years of playing I still occasionally mess up a left handed pass. In the following steps I'll outline some tips that has have helped develop my pass.

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