How to Develop a Rugby Goal Kicking Technique

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Step 1

First you're going to need to find a set of posts or uprights. Rugby posts are slightly different than football posts but a local set of football post works fine for practice.

Step 2

The key to kicking is as follows: practice makes perfect. The best kickers are the ones that show up an hour before training starts to take kicks at the uprights.

Step 3

Kicking off of a tee is only allowed in 15s rugby. Kicks are taken either after a try is scored for an extra two points or as the result of a penalty for 3 points. Kicks are taken from the wherever the try was scored in the try zone. So, if the try is scored in the middle of the post the kicker will have an easy kick, but if it is scored in the corner the kicker is going to have a tougher time. Thus, it is important to practice kicking off a tee from multiple positions on the field. Set the tee up different distances and angles from the posts.

Step 4

The drop goal is the only type of kick allowed in 7s and can be used at any point during the game play. A drop goal is done by dropping the ball to the ground so that it lands on its point as though it were set up on a tee and then striking it as soon as it touches the ground.

Step 5

A good way to practice drop goals is by taking about 5 balls and kicking them from the same spot through the posts. Once all the balls have been kicked go to the other side of the post and kick them again from where they landed.

Step 6

Just like practicing kicking off a tee, drop kicks should be practice all over the field.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

The key to kicking is consistency, and consistency only comes through muscle memory and a lot of practice.

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Kicking for points was never a strong rugby skill of mine. I've recently been taking some extra time to practice my kicks before practice and it's paid off.

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As a forward in 15s rugby I was never expected to kick or even be able to kick. In 7s rugby, though, a player that can make a well placed kick or kick for points is a valuable asset. So, when I started playing 7s rugby a few season after I started with 15s, I started working on my kicks. There are two ways to kick for points in rugby. One way is by kicking off of a tee and the other is by performing a drop goal.

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