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Step 1

This is a 5 exercise circuit intended to be performed three times through, meaning 15 exercises total. The exercises can be performed in any order and the same order should be kept each time through.

Step 2

Exercise 1) front squat x12 The first exercise is a normal front squat. While doing this lift focus on keeping your chest out, core tight, straight back, and shoulder back and down. Squat as low as you can but keep your knees behind your toes. If you can't get your upper legs at least parallel to the ground try a lighter weight.

Step 3

Exercise 2) stationary jumps x30 A stationary jump is exactly what it sounds like: jumping as high as you can in place. During each jump you should tuck your knees up into your chest. Since this is a body weight exercise and there is no added weight these should be performed as fast as possible. As soon as you land you should basically be jumping again.

Step 4

Exercise 3) forward lunges x16 (8 per leg) To perform this exercise hold two dumbbells at your sides. Step forward and kneel so that your knee touches the ground then stand back up bringing to front foot back to where it started.

Step 5

Exercise 4) Calf raises x100 (50 per leg) Find a bench or ledge about knee height. Step one leg on to the ledge and keep the other on the ground. Without using the front leg on the ledge jump with the grounded foot so that the toes leave the ground. Do this 50 times and switch legs. This is another body weight exercise so do them as fast a possible.

Step 6

Exercise 6) Box get-ups x20 (10 per leg) Use the same bench or ledge that was used for the calf raises. Stand on one foot with the other foot out in front. Sit back onto the ledge and then use one leg to stand up. Do 10 with one leg and then switch. Again there is no added weight so do these fast.

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This is a high intensity workout. We're not pumping a lot of weight in this one but your heart rate should be up the whole time. Only take a few seconds break in between each exercise, and only a minute or so between each set; just long enough to catch your breath and take a few small sips of water. Make sure to cool down and stretch it out when you're done!

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A lot of jokes are made about guys skipping leg day at the gym. Guys with huge upper bodies and small skinny legs are looked at as meat heads by true athletes. Rugby players definitely don't have that problem, even the smaller faster players have massive tree trunk legs!

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Team lifts have always been an expectation of the OSURFC so I've been doing rugby lifts with professional trainers since i started. The leg lift I'm going to outline is a high intensity mostly plyometric workout. Proper warm up and stretching should be done before starting the circuit about to be outlined.

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