Tutorial: How to Use Campus Men's "Self Publishing Tool"

This page gives basic guidance our Self-Publishing Tool. We also offer guidance on How to Write.

Our tool will take you through six easy screens for your chosen topic. You answer questions on each screen. The sixth screen is optional. Note: You will need at least one product to recommend the reader buy.

Screen A) Choose a Topic

The first screen requires you to choose from a list of available topics. You can choose a topic only after clicking on a Category and then a Sub-Category.

We researched popular topics searched by students on Google. If you do not see a topic listed, please contact us to suggest we add the topic. Please note: we try to choose highly specific topics. Example: We prefer topics on "Soccer Defender Conditioning Drills" more than a more general topic such as "Soccer Drills."

Screen B) Special Attention

Is there an aspect of your topic where beginners often encounter trouble or do not do it correctly?

For weightlifting topics, is there a way to "cheat" and not perform an exercise correctly?

Part C) When did you first do this and how did you get started?

This section helps the reader understand how your background allows you to be familiar with your topic.

Screen D) "Stuff You'll Need" Section is Required

This is an important screen for us. Each topic needs to recommend the reader order at least one "product" that is available on Amazon. A product can be gear, training aid, equipment, or anything that can be ordered through Amazon. Include one brand name per product.

When your topic is published on our site, products you add in our "Stuff You Need" will be automaticaly hyperlinked to the product's page on Amazon. The reader can click and be taken directly to the page for the item. Because of this, products you recommend must be available on Amazon.

Link pointing to Amazon Page

In some cases, your favorite product is not sold on Amazon. Example: Rogue Fitness items are not sold on Amazon, but are loved by many Cross-Fit athletes. In this case, find a suitable substitute or ask your Campus Men staff member how to handle this issue.

Give the reader specific brand names such as, "SKLZ 15-Rung Quick Ladder"

Avoid telling the reader to go to a physical store.

Avoid telling the reader to make their own.

Giving suggestions on how to save money is good, as long as you also give an option for more pricey items. Remember, you get what you pay for. (Meaning)

What Are Brands and Products?

A brand is the company that manufactures the product. An example of a brand is Nike or Adidas. A product might be "Shoulder pads" or "weightlifting straps" (general products). For example, for a Sklz Speed Ladder, Sklz = brand, Speed ladder = product

A brand is not a store such as "Sports Authority." Sports Authority is a retailer and we do not use retailer names.

More specific products are better. Example: "Rawlings SRG Momentum Shoulder Pads" is better than simply stating "Shoulder Pads."

brand and product fields

You cannot use multiple brands in the same brand field. Instead give each brand its own line by "adding a product" by clicking the Plus Sign button.

Add Product Button

Our System Autocompletes Brand Names

There are 1,400 brand names in our system. We have attempted to add every sports brand and weightlifting gear and supplement brand in the world to our system. Sometimes there are newly launched brands. You cannot add a brand that is not currently in the system. If you do not see a brand listed, choose the value "Any" and contact us to ask us add the brand. We will replace "Any" with your newly added brand.

To see if a brand is in the system, start typing the first few letters of the brand in the brand field. Give the system a split-second to respond. Don't hurry. Wait a split-second to see if the system pulls up an existing brand.

NOTE: Unfortunately, our autocomplete function can be slow to respond to your typing.


System Autocompletes Products

There are 3,400 Products in our system. If our system does not show a result, simply keep typing to add a new brand into our system. (That product will be added to the system and available next time you add a topic, if you want to use the same product for multiple topics.)


Part E) Steps

The screen section is where you put the bulk of your time writing. Separate your writing into "steps."

Three "steps" are shown initially by system. However, we highly encourage you to add as many steps as you need by clicking the "Add Step" button (after you have filled in the previous step).

Paragraph Breaks

Paragraphs running together

Our system does not support paragraph breaks. All text runs together. When you want a paragraph break, add a new step.

Add Step Button

Don't Make Steps Too Lengthy

People -especially young kids who are our likely audience - do not like to read long bodies of text. They stop reading after too many words.

Limit each step to 2-3 sentences.

If there are 4 or more sentences in a single step, split any words beyond three sentences into a new step.

Part F) Get a Bonus Payment If You Include a funny or interesting story about your topic!

This final screen is optional. If you have a story, help engage your reader by sharing a story. If you complete this field, we will pay you a small bonus payment. If your story is especially lengthy, please feel free to ask for a larger bonus payment by contacting us.

No Links or URLs

No html or links allowed anywhere in our tool. Do not include other website names or URLs. If you copy a URL from Microsoft Word and paste it into the form, our system will reject it.

No HTML Allowed

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