How to Become Famous

By Vicky Phipps, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

The way to become famous is by doing something that allows a larger number of people to see you. There are very few quick and easy ways to become famous. Most methods require generating exposure for yourself gradually over time.

You can become famous, but first you need to choose a field in which you will become famous in. We have some advice for energetic and motivated college students and others who want to become famous - but only if they've already chosen a field. If you want to become famous but you are unsure of your unique qualities that would attract the attention of others, and read our advice on how to become unique first. If you already have that one field, interest or "thing" that motivates you to achieve fame, here are the steps you can take to become famous...

Become Famous by Being Unique

In high school it's all about fitting in, but people who become famous generally have something that stands out from everyone else. Campus Men offers a great feature that helps you stand out... Each Campus Man can tell his Fans about a profession, special skills, activities or hobbies that make him unique from other guys. Campus Men gives you a portolio page for each category you add to your profile.

For example, Josh is a talented skateboarder. Josh adds himself to a category and receives a page dedicated to all his skateboarding pursuits. He fills out the category page and posts snapshots from competitions and uses that page as a promotional resource to explain all his skateboarding talents. But, is helpful to any student with any talent, as long as they are willing to put in the effort to promote themselves.

Become Famous Locally First

Becoming famous locally, in your city, may not seem as sexy and exciting as finding a way to become famous worldwide. But, reaching the stage where you become famous on a local level has its advantages. Most people become famous locally first. It is how you use your local fame that counts. They transform their famous status that they achieve locally into a nationwide level. Locally means building a fanbase of people in your city or state.

People in your hometown see you in person and remark "I saw you on..." For each person who tells you they saw you, there may be 100 more people (who you never meet) who also saw examples of your work or efforts.

When you become famous locally, you succeed in learning a bunch of knowledge that you can use on a higher level. You also encounter the missteps that you can avoid later when you become famous a much larger level. You may only be seen by 1000 or 10,000 people when you become famous locally, but that is better than not being seen by anyone at all.

There are many cases where a person just like yourself worked to become famous locally, achieved a little bit of fame and then indirectly became famous nationwide or worldwide because someone influential saw them on the local level. The exposure that people receive on a local level can easily be transformed into much larger, more successful opportunities. When someone becomes famous locally they have taken the first towards achieving their goals.

"Who" Powerful People Choose to Become Famous

Every industry is driven by money. When an influential person in your industry is considering who to select for an opportunity, their primary concern is how much revenue working with that person will bring in. An influential person will be more apt to choose someone who is a known quantity - meaning, they have achieved a little bit of fame on some level such as becoming famous locally. Someone who has achieved a little bit of fame is less of a risk than someone who has nothing under the belt. A known quantity is less risky.

This is why you might see someone who is not as talented as you, or not as good-looking as you but has achieved a high level of fame.

This is why it is so important to take what little fame you achieve locally and use it to show others - in an effort to build on your success. Perhaps someone was mentioned in a small newspaper article or that person appeared in the local magazine, or in the case of, a student has developed a fanbase on his campus because he gets paid for adding tips to our site using our incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool. You can show your published tips to influential professionals on a national level. You shows the, "This is what I've done on a small level and this is sort of a preview of what will happen on a larger level." Influential people see some little thing you've done and think you're less of a risk.

Making Yourself Famous Instead of Relying on Others

Students should take control of their effort to become famous. People who only rely on finding some powerful person will make them famous take the risk of it ever happening. By far, it's better to take little steps than to not achieve any level of fame. When someone sees their dream as relying on another person to wave a magic wand to make them famous, they miss out on the real steps available to them. This is where having a professional profile on can help: a student begins building name recognition through the site and popularity on his own campus.

Recruit Friends to Help You Become Famous

One common mistake people who want to become famous make is to try to do it all by themselves. Some people love to help you achieve your dreams. They don't want to be famous themselves. Perhaps your parents want to help, perhaps the girl that thinks you're hot down the hall wants to see your name in lights or perhaps someone just sees your potential and wants to know someone who became famous. The biggest thing your friends can do to help you become famous is to spread the word about you and your talents. helps you build name recognition for yourself on the Internet and on your campus. The goal is not just to become famous on the website, but to use to achieve fame on your campus, on other campuses and nationwide by being seen as an authority in your industry - by adding tips to the site.

For example, Tom added several tips to the site. His tips gathered 237 Facebook "Likes." One of the people who "Liked" his tip is Tiffany. Tiffany is very energetic and knows a lot of people. So, she got a bunch of her friends to Like Tom's tip also! So, Tom was not required to do all the promotional work by himself!

Hundreds of thousands of girls and industry professionals visit each month. When you create a Campus Men Profile, many will see you. With so much exposure, it is difficult to predict what benefits you will get from the exposure that you receive. Half of the challenge in life is getting noticed. College students who have profile son Campus Men receive name recognition, for sure!