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Step 1

No matter how ordinary you think you are, you can be the subject of an entertaining video. It's just a matter of finding that special quality or feature that attracts people (especially girls) and makes them want to know more about you.

Step 2

It is good to find a trait that makes you stick out from other guys. Take a good, hard look at yourself before pressing record on your video camera. That can also mean looking inside yourself. Find that "thing" in which you take the most pride - that aspect that draws the most compliments or the admiration from friends.

Step 3

Unique guys we've known: Here are examples of guys we've known:

Step 4

Ray: Ray is a small-town guy who likes to hunt and fish. His outdoorsy interests set him apart from others his age and keep the girls guessing about what he will do next.

Step 5

Jim: Likewise, Jim was raised on a farm, driving tractors and trucks from the time he was about 13. That gives him a whole wealth of experiences that most guys his age have never had.

Step 6

Bob: Bob, on the other hand, was a touted high school athlete who was courted by many small colleges to play football and baseball. His playing days are behind him and he no longer considers that past important to his life - but it is!

Step 7

John: John is a quiet scholar who excels at math. Girls find his shy, brainy quality very appealing and that aspect makes him unique.

Step 8

Josh: Josh is a computer "geek" who keeps people marveling at his technical expertise. He may not be the greatest looking guy, but girls are really impressed with his whiz-kid nature.

Step 9

Physical looks or personality traits: Your special quality might be physical - like a great set of abs, a winning smile, thick, wavy hair, luminous eyes or long, muscular legs. Or, it might be personality based, such as a being the joker among your friends, a penchant for pranks, great self-confidence or a thoughtful, intelligent nature. Finding that quality that makes you unique, whether it is an attribute or an accomplishment, means asking friends. You may be unaware of your best traits, so it pays to ask friends for their opinions. Sometimes, they can provide the best insights into what makes you a unique person. Once you find that special quality, explore ways to show it on camera.

Step 10

Say or show: There many ways to show your unique quality on camera. You can do it "interview" style by just sitting in front of a video camera and talking about your interests or experiences. Answer these questions: When did you first get started in this? | Something surprising about [Activity] that people would not know. | What is [Activity] like? | Tell us a funny or interesting story about the activity.

Step 11

Imagine you are talking to a close friend about your unique quality when you shoot your photo. But do not include licensed music. All your hard work can be wasted if you have a hit song playing in the background. Lawyers roam the internet to find videos that use music and force the video to be deleted. Even better, you can show your unique quality on camera. How? Take a camera along as you pursue your activity or hobby. Or, have a friend follow you, capturing you showing your hobby with a video camera.

Step 12

Aaron: Aaron has been skateboarding since age 8. So, he had buddy follow him to a skate park and film him explaining how he does stunts and which moves are difficult.

Step 13

Matt: Matt is a hockey player. So, his roommate followed him to the locker room after hours to film Matt explaining how it takes an hour just to put on all the pads worn for a game.

Step 14

Don't hesitate to use "props" to illustrate your unique quality. Props are anything you use in your hobby or sport. Wear them, hold them or play them. Props should be simple - like a hat, a piece of sports equipment, a computer screen or a video game. Keep the focus on you and what you're doing and saying.

Step 15

Fun and informational: Pretend your video is an introduction to a prospective employer or a possible girlfriend. Describe your unique quality in an appealing way - make it fun, as well as informational. Remember, each guy is unique. It's just a matter of finding your special quality and learning how to tell or show people in a video.

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