How to Promote Yourself as a Campus Man

Campus Men help themselves by promoting the tips they add to the site. Why? Because the more people who see your tips and share them among their friends, the more credibility you build for yourself.

Businesses Need Customers, Students Need Facebook "Likes"

Businesses know they must promote their company to attract new customers. The same applies to college students who want to become known or achieve success in their career fields. Although you do not need to obtain customers like a business, you may want to build name recognition for yourself. One way to do this is by encouraging people to "Like" the Tips you add to Campus Men - and to encourage your friends to share your tips with their friends. In the professional world, this is called "building a Fanbase."

Promoting Your Campus Men Tips Means Promoting Yourself

  • Its imporant to keep your Fanbase interested by regularly adding tips to the site using our Self-Publishing Tool each week.
  • Each time you add a tip to the site, post the tip onto your Facebook page and ask your friends to Like it or also post it on their Facebook page - so their friends can see it.

Groundwell: Get Friends to Promote You Too

Remember, you don't need to do all the promoting alone. Girls can help you promote your tips, too.

Advanced Way to Promote Yourself Nationally

You can get nation-wide publicity by encouraging Influential Bloggers in your industry to highlight your tips on their blog. Read instructions on how to generate publicity.

All of this begins by obtaining the status of being a "Campus Man" on If you are not already a Campus Man, Create a Campus Man Profile today and begin encouraging friends to "Like" the tips you add to the site using the site's incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool.