How to Take Three Professional Photos

Disclaimer: This article gives you tips on how to look like a male model in photos that you create, on your own, without our involvement. We have no modeling jobs or opportunities to offer you. While we pay students for appearing in videos, we do not pay anyone for posing for photos. We are not a modeling agency. We do not arrange modeling or acting jobs for anyone. We do not want to photograph you. Please do not send us photographs of yourself.

As a college student seeking to become a model, you should have these three Digital Photographs on hand for promotional use:

Shoot three digital photos:

  • a full-length photo
  • a half-length photo
  • a waist-up photo

First, we highly encourage you to create your photos outdoors, within 1.5 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.

To Look Professional in Photos

No other person can appear in your photo. Do not use a photo in which others appeared and cut the other people out of the photo.

Photos must be vertical format.

Your photos must be in vertical format.

Underwear Model

Above is a vertical format photo.

Underwear Model

Above is a NOT vertical format. Do NOT shoot your photo this way.

Photos Should Be Evenly Lit, No Strong Shadows!

Your body and face should be evenly lit in your photo. This is also called "soft lighting." No dramatic lighting, or strong shadows on your face. People must be able to see your eyes in your photo.

Underwear Model

Above photo is evenly Lit/Lighted.

bad lighting

The above photo has too many shadows. Do NOT shoot your photo this way.

Shoot Your Photos Outdoors

We highly encourage you to shoot outdoors within 1.5 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.

Do not take your photo with the sun directly above you. (The sun is usually overhead from 11 AM until 2:30PM) When the sun is overhead, it creates shadows in your eye sockets and makes the model's eyes squint. When shooting your photo outdoors, scheduling your shoot within 1.5 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset is always best!

No Need For Exciting Backgrounds

Do not concern yourself with the background behind you. Choose a simple, non-cluttered background. A large open space with grass, such as a running track or football field is always good even though it seems plain. Girls and professionals do not care about the background. They want to see YOU.

Do not shoot your photo in front of a commercial establishment, store, or any building that has a logo on it.

If You Take Your Photo Indoors

We highly encourage you to shoot outdoors during the times specified. (Most indoor rooms offer less light than outdoor spots. You will have a higher risk of producing a dark and out of focus photo when you shoot your photo indoors.)

If you must shoot your photos indoors, follow these lighting instructions:

A little planning will make your photo look more professional. The best locations are outdoors on a grassy yard or ball field. If you must shoot indoors with a flash, pick a larger room without much furniture. Avoid bedrooms or dorm rooms unless they are spacious and uncluttered. Move furniture out of the way from behind you, if needed. Make sure there are no windows or mirrors in the background. A blank wall in the background keeps the emphasis on you.

The more light, the better: Turn on every light in the room. Replace light bulbs with 100 watt bulbs. Choose a time of day when the most sunlight comes in a room. Open the curtains.

The Right Spot: "The sun" or a light should be shining on the front of your body, not on your back. Do not stand in front of a window or any other bright light source. This will cause your face to be silhouetted and dark.

Review your photo (before you send it to anyone). Assure your face and body are not too dark in the electronic image.

Avoid Blurry Photos

Avoid photos that are out of focus.

If you are shooting indoors and do not have a tripod available, we highly encourage you to not hold your camera in your hands. Borrow  a step ladder or use any steady surface, such as a counter, shelf, dresser or large pile of books at least 4 feet high. Set your camera on a step of the ladder or table and aim the camera at you. Have someone else "stand in" the spot where you will stand - so you can position the camera properly. Tape the camera in place if necessary. Then press the camera's button. Holding a camera in a person's hands indoors often produces blurry photos.

blurry image

Double-check your image. Your eyes are a way to tell if a photo is in focus. Enlarge the photo as large as possible. If your eyes are very blurry in the photograph, it is out of focus.

3 Recommeded Poses

Full Length Photo

full length pose

The full length photo should show your body from head to toe. If you do not have a tripod available like shown in the above diagram, see "Avoid Blurry Photos" above.

Half length photo

full length pose

Your half length photo should show your body from your thighs to top of your head. If you do not have a tripod available like in this diagram, see "Stable Surface" above.

Waist-Up photo

waist up pose

Your waist-up photo should show nothing below your hips, including any waistbands or other fabric from clothing.

What to Wear in Your Photo

You choose what you wear. You decide how you pose and what to wear in your photo.

Try wearing different items, then show at least 6 friends who will give you honest opinions of which photo looks best.

If you wear underwear, assure there are no stains in the underwear. It is recommeded you buy a new pair you can pose in.

Avoid large logos on clothing (Logos on waistband of underwear are acceptable.)

Consider Our Videos

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