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Step 1

Find out what type of boot you would like... specifically the brand. I know especially the fit is very important in buying soccer cleats. Different brands run different in sizes and width.

Step 2

Once you know the brand you would like to buy, go to a store and give that brand of any shoe a try to see how the sizes run and which size best fits your foot.

Step 3

Find a shoe for your type of play. Some shoes are designed for specific things such as the Nike Total 90 series - which has been tailored for a hard shot. Find one that suits your play.

Step 4

Also you need to consider what type of material you would like. Today a lot of players are going with a synthetic material like Adidas F50 for a more snug and light shoe. The only problem with buying a synthetic shoe is that the shoe isn't quite as strong and can rip, which is hard to repair. Which is why I would suggest buying a leather shoe.

Step 5

Unlike a synthetic shoe the ball will not slip in the rain, and there is a less chance of damage, also I have found that the leather shoes provide you a better-quality touch on the ball.

Step 6

Some shoes can come with interchangeable insoles with different types such as speed, comfort and so on. I will always suggest you choose comfort over speed, the comfort insole is a tad bit bulky but nothing that will significantly change your speed. You will need a comfortable shoe all around to perform your best, avoid injury and better yet - avoid blisters. So, perhaps look into a personalized sole, orthotic, or heel cups to prevent blisters.

Step 7

You are going to also need to know the type of surface that you are playing on. This way, you can know what kind of studs your shoe will need. Most outdoor surfaces will require a firm ground cleat, but you might want to also try a hard ground type.

Step 8

If you need a cleat for a wet playing surface, buy a soft ground cleat. It has less studs but they are longer for more traction.

Step 9

If you play on turf you can use firm ground or go with a turf shoe with no studs, I prefer firm ground with gives me more grip.

Step 10

Once you have decided everything else, you will need to decide on the quality of the shoe you will purchase. To me, it should depend on the quality of the play you will partake in.

Step 11

Most cleats come in about three different quality and price range. Manufacturers will offer a basic shoe that is very affordable around 40-50 $. The boot will be a low quality leather or synthetic will be a little bit stiffer and have less touch.

Step 12

Then there is also a mid-grade option that will usually sell from 70-100$. This shoe will be a finer leather or synthetic, perhaps kangaroo, and it will have more cushioning on the inside and have a more formed fit.

Step 13

Lastly the high end models: High end shoes can get expensive... they range anywhere from $150-300 or more - depending on the shoe. What you are getting by spending this kind of money is all the bells and whistles. This will be a very lite shoe with the highest quality synthetic, or kangaroo leather. It will be very strong and often the soles of the boot will be made out of carbon. This boot will be formed to your foot to increase support and feel of the ball.

Step 14

Like I said earlier, match your budget with the level of play. If you are at a low level of play, there is no need to spend $200. If you are at a high level, you will notice a difference and benefit in the touch of the boots.

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I highly suggest trying out a pair of leather and synthetic shoes to see what you like, if you like leather and want the highest quality boot check out a pair of Puma Kings. Pele wore kings they are high quality and very affordable for the highest grade. For synthetic look at Adidas F50's, Nike Vapor or, Puma evoSpeed. Those are the three lightest boots on the planet and they all give a great touch

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I have been buying my boots online for about 10 years now, I recommend this site They have great deals all the time and are very helpful, you can even customize.

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