How To Play Sweeper In Soccer

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Step 1

Hang behind the other defenders and tell them where to be. Sweepers are the captains of a diamond defense, you are the last line of defense for your goalie. Scan the field and let your defenders know where to be and whats going on.

Step 2

Don't man mark. Anytime an attacker comes by you unmarked that is a problem, you should never be left with an attacker. Call back another defender to guard him, as the sweeper you should be in the back purely to clean up the mistakes of the other defenders.

Step 3

Communicate with the goalkeeper. You will always be the closest player to your keeper, listen to what he sees in the game and adjust your defense accordingly.

Step 4

Play simple. Offensively and defensively keep it simple, if you get a ball under pressure get hit it deep. Never play with the ball on your own final third. Make sure plays out of the back.

Step 5

Become a student of the game. Tactically the sweeper is one of the most important men on the field. He's the last defender and in an instant can become the first attacker.

Step 6

Be a leader. Every championship team starts with great defense. Every team needs a steady back to lead them into every game with grace and confidence.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Clean up the mess. Clear the ball if you have to as far as you can.

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Never miss a clear, I lost a game for my team on a huge wiff because I tried to hit the ball to the moon. We got scored on because of it and lost, I can laugh about it now. Make a cool headed decision instead of trying to do something overly complicated.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I played sweeper for my club for a couple seasons, it really changed my perspective of the game tactically.

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