How To Choose Soccer Goalkeeping Gloves

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Step 1

Try on a variety of gloves. This will help you find what exactly you are looking for.

Step 2

The gloves should be slightly bigger than your hand, to give your fingers a little mobility.

Step 3

Decide on your price range. The price of the gloves can range anywhere from $20 to close to $200. This also determines the quality of the gloves. I suggest going with a pair around 70-100 dollars, because typically the most expensive pairs wear down faster. Buy according to your skill level.

Step 4

Most keepers will want a pair of gloves that can handle any type of weather and terrain. Look for ones that have all-weather latex. If you only play in one climate shop accordingly.

Step 5

Find the type of cut you like best. There are 3 different types of cuts. Flat palm- has seams on the outside, boxed around the fingers, slightly looser on the hand. Roll finger- the palm is attached to the backhand, wrapping the latex tight around the fingers, giving a tighter fit and more feel on the ball. Negative- similar to flat palm, the only difference being that the seams are on the inside of the glove, giving a more snug fit.

Step 6

If you have issues with jammed fingers your going to need a pair of gloves with a finger saver back to reduce the chance of injury. Finger savers are a hard material that will bend forward but not back preventing any bent or jammed fingers.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Gloves are still useful after they begin to flake. Use a pair of cheap or older gloves to practice with. Shopping in stores gives you the option to try on and get a feel for a glove you have never used. To wash gloves properly get a glove cleaner, I prefer Reusch cleaner. Get the gloves in warm water, spray the dirty latex areas with the cleaner and work it into the glove and strap. After this make sure to rinse the glove clear of the cleaner to extend the life of your gloves. After using gloves make sure to rinse the dirt out, and store them in a sealed bag. (most gloves come in a sealed bag that works perfect.)

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Buying gloves is all about you finding a pair of gloves that you feel fit well and comfortably.

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I have been buying gloves since about 6th grade. That's about 10 years of buying experience.

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