How To Do a Flip Throw in Soccer

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First of all you will need to learn how to do a front hand spring. This is the foundation of the throw, it will give you the muscle memory needed to perform the throw. It will also being to build your quad and bicep strength. To do so practice hard, at first start standing and see if you can go from standing to a hand stand and then from the hand stand to landing on your feet in a bridge. Try doing this over a week or two until you feel fully comfortable standing from the bridge

Step 2

Now perfect your hand spring, try running, going to your hands, and using your arms to push yourself forward back to your feet. If you have trouble and begin to hurt yourself have a friend help you by spotting. Have him push your back to help you land on your feet instead of your back.

Step 3

Now you'll need to add a ball into the mix, make sure its not slippery out so you can balance your self on the ball. Practice your hand stand on the ball, once you can balance on the ball with your hands try just the hand spring with the ball.

Step 4

Once you get that down you will need to being releasing the ball at the end of the hand spring, use the momentum from the hand spring to guide the ball to your target. Be sure to arch your back while standing up and snap your body forward and release the ball. Now all you have to do is practice your targeting, I found it helpful to practice on the sideline and trying to get the ball as close as I could to each goal post.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Know that this skill is dangerous to practice and can sometimes end in an injury. Work with a spotter when starting off. Make sure once you plant your feet and throw that your feet stay put or it will be an illegal throw and you'll lose your throw in.

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I was the only person on my high school team that could actually do a flip throw with some accuracy and distance, we ran a specific play on throws I could get to the box. While playing one of our rivals the situation came for me to get a good throw in for a chance. I lined up my throw and took a few steps back, the stadium had a track around the field and I was on it ready to go. As I started my run up I planted to flip and slipped on the track with my cleats and cut my leg. My coach took me out immediately and told me I was never allowed to do that again.

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I first learned this when I was about 15, I just practiced my front hand spring and tried it for fun.

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