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The best way to describe my friends and I is really a conglomerate of dozens of dudes getting together to - kind of just like - not be so typical. Not go and sit around at someone's place, not go and be boring and just kind of be typical. Literally, on week days or weekend nights, in the past four or five, six years, we can get some 30-35 heads together. Whether it is to watch some stupid show on prime time, or to watch baseball.

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Its really been great because coming up in high school, we have had this mentality of "guys only" because chicks just seem to kind of confuse things, I guess is the best way to put it. Nobody is ever in the wrong always, but as the same time, when you mix guys and girls together, things happen. When you take the female aspect out of it, guys just come to have a good time. They don't worry about drama. They don't worry about crap.

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And, for years and years and years, people looked at us like we were on this plateau of I cannot believe they do what they do and every weekend, every week, they don't care what other people say or do and usually it was kind of like, we cannot beat them, let's join them. It was always an open invitation.

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