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Being in a band, for coming up to four years, we've probably I think it is safe to say we have probably played close to 50, maybe even 60 shows. Mind, you, I am counting every backyard show. Every garage show. But, on top of that, we've played universities, we've played colleges. We've played the cool venues that the traveling touring bands come through.

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One of the most interesting, and probably the most intimidating experiences a band ever had was we played at this bar in a city called Pomona, in Southern California and it was a punk rock night. Now my band "Dean" isn't grass roots punk rock. We are not fast and loud and crass. We definitely take our roots from that, but its definitely different to say the least.

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Anyway, long story short, it got to the point where our set got cut short. We started getting stuff thrown at us. And I am pretty sure if we did not pack up as quick as we did and get out of there, there would have been some fists thrown and we are not the biggest guys. So, ideally we would have just kind of get our stuff out of there. Luckily, there was some nice things said as we were leaving. But, one of the pieces of advice someone told me was make sure you do research on where you are going to play because if you are playing at a hard core punk-rock bar and you are not hard core punk, people are not going to be too thrilled. So, lesson learned.

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Probably some of the biggest gigs either were shows that we really promoted or really advertised. Or other shows where we got on a bill with a bigger band and that in turn, brought a lot of people.

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I think two shows stick out really well. One was at the local venue that touring bands really came through, so it was definitely like a rite of passage to play there and try to fill the house. Its not the biggest place, but when you do pack it, its kind of unexplainable how great it is. The lights fall, the mics are hot, and you just go for it. And when you see that crowd move and you see people running around and you see people trying to get up there and sing along, it is really something else. You do not want it to end. I usually, whether it is on stage or I talk about it afterward, there are times when I want the song to continue with the bridge, let's do the interlude again or something because 30 minutes goes by like that after once you have seen what I have seen.

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We have played colleges too, where we have filled a large gymnasium and for a lot of people who have seen us for the first time, just to see them moving around and smiling and having a good time, for a band that they could never see again, or hear again, its very encouraging and makes me so excited to play the music that we play and get the opportunities we do.

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