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The band culture, the band lifestyle, there are going to be stereotypes. Heavy drinking and partying. Recreational drug use - whatever drugs that might be. Fast women, this and that. Being a dude who actually abstains from alcohol, abstains from drugs, I am actually also vegetarian, you could see one might say there are limitations. I would say there are opportunities just to have a good time without these crutches, that I like to look at.

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We have a huge group of friends that in turn become this fanbase. So, when you have 20, 30 up to 40 or 50 people coming around to see you, and everyone is usually of the same mindset that we are not going to go an get plastered somewhere after the gig, we would, for example, bombard the local fast food chain, or something like that. And literally pack this house at like 11:30 at night, right before closing. Not the most courteous, but at the same time, nobody wants to go home after a good punk rock show. Everyone is happy to be there. They are meeting people. They are seeing chicks. There are guys. Everyone is having a good time.

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What I think alcohol sometimes does is it kind of sets a buzz kill. Although it could be great for some. Maybe there are others who do not have the best time, so... its nice to be really just in tune and 100 percent yourself. And, although things have changed a little bit and I am pretty sure that the other boys in the bands like to maybe unwind after a gig and see what happens, I still abstain by these golden rules.

Step 4

The aspect of girls, or this term "groupie" obviously comes with the band. Whether they were chicks who were with the band from our hometown or girls that would come see us, or girls who listen to us online, there have definitely been a few who were maybe a little off base. And never the one to take it where I can get it. I know beggars can't be choosers, but at the same time, you got to have standards. Some of the other boys in the band, I don't know if I can say specifically, but maybe their trials with these "fans". But I know personally, with me, its usually the crazier the chick, the less likely I am inclined to do any more than just talk to her, sign some stuff for her. You know, make sure she had a good time. Other than that, you can check us out online.

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