How to Develop Explosive Power in Chest Muscles

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Step 1

One issue I want to talk about today is building up your bench press strength. In a previous video I went over bringing it down, really thinking it through the roof, a whole mental issue. Today I want to give you an exercise, kind of a burn-out exercise, which is great to do - either when you are finished with the bench press or completely at the end of your chest work out. And you just want to come back and bench and build that strength up again. I call them "half and halfs".

Step 2

So, what I do is, like I said, I call them "half and halfs" and you can choose the reps and how heavy you want to go. I usually go lighter just because I want to pump out more reps. I do ten and ten or 10 and 15 something that really just burns out the muscles really get the blood flowing, really just get a deep burn and really feel it. Like, I burn out my chest at the end of this work out.

Step 3

So, what I will do at the end of the bench work out is, and I will do this at the end. I do mine at the end of the chest work out completely because this really burns you up plus, if I am doing inclines on chest day or any other chest exercises, this is really going to wear you out. So, I do it at the end of the chest workout.

Step 4

I put on the weight on the bench that I want to do ten to 15 reps with. Like I said, its two continuous sets of ten to 15 reps, so make sure you are able to do that.

Step 5

You start out and you bring it all the way down, so you are going to bring the bar all the way down here, all the way to your chest, and you are only going to come half-way up, back down. You are going to do ten-15 reps of that. Its going to be quick, you are just going to pop them out, get explosion.

Step 6

And you are just going to feel the stretch and feel because you are not locking out. Your chest is not going to get a break with this. So, you are going to do ten to 15 reps, going all the way down and pop them up. Now, after you do 10 or 15, whichever you choose to do. Let's just say 10 for now, after 10 reps, you are going to go all the way up and lock them up all the way at the top. Now you are only going to bring them half way down, and stop and bring them back up. Now this is really going to burn. At this point they are already exhausted at the bottom portion with the stretch. Come up and lock them out. And you are going to do ten reps, only going half way down and locking up.

Step 7

At this point, your chest should be on fire. The key is not to lock it all the way out. Like I said the key is to do this is to keep constant pressure on your chest, constant tension. So, you are not going to lock it out to give yourself a break. Keep your arms slightly bent and pop it out. And the end of that, if you have any energy left, usually you don't and I would do this with a spotter because your arms could give out at any time during this. If I still have any energy left after I have done 10-15 of each bottom portion, and the top portion, I will do as many reps as I can to really burn it out - just stretch it all the way out at the end.

Step 8

What this is going to do, like I said, once a month. I wouldn't do it more than really just exhaust your chest. There are some other exercises you can do in between this that are going to help you out. I will go over that another segment.

Step 9

But this is really going to help your explosion, your strength. Its going to build up your chest because you are putting so much blood in it, and you are giving it a really good stretch. Its a really great exercise exercise to do at the end of your chest workout to really when you go home, to feel like you have accomplished something at the gym because you are really going to get that pump, and really get that burn.

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Only do this once a month, because you are going to feel a real deep soreness when you do this, because of the intensity with it and how much strain you are putting on. You are keeping constant strain and pressure on your chest.

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