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What I want to talk about today is what most weightlifters, bodybuilders would consider the most important exercise, and that's the bench press. What people ask when they find out you work out is: "How much do you press." And its a types of measure of how advanced you are in weightlifting. So, what I am going to do is tell you a little trick I learned from a power lifter a long time ago. Some mental things. Its going to improve your bench press and really improve the strength of any exercise. Just a little mental trick. Boxers use it.

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Basically if you are a boxer and you are going to hit somebody in the chin, you don't envision "I'm going to hit him in the chin," you envision "I am going to hit him in the back of the head."

Step 3

Reason you do that is your momentum to keep moving through the target and basically you are going to get more power. Its going to be a lasting impression.

Step 4

Its the same thing with bench press. What you want to envision is "through the roof." Just what the powerlifter taught me, you want to take the bar and think you are going to put it through the roof.

Step 5

Basically you are going to get more speed, strength, power by doing that, because you are not going to pull out right before the end, and maybe do more reps, more weight.

Step 6

You can incorporate this in any exercise. If you are doing side lateral raises, envision going through the roof with it. You are going to pull up more weight and basically get leaner because you are going to build muscle mass, because you are using more weight. Its just going to make you more leaner and bigger at the same time, so its going to be a win-win situation.

Step 7

And you can incorporate this with any exercise. If you are doing squats, come down, parallel, you are about to push up, think of putting the bar - even though its on your back - through the roof. I mean, really pop up, your feet are almost coming off the ground. Just real explosive power and that is going to let you basically increase weights in every exercise.

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Just remember a simple little phrase: through the roof. remember that phrase.

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I learned this from a power lifter in high school.


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