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To start out, everyone needs to know what nitric oxide does and how it works. NO, (Nitric monoxide), is a vasodilator; which means it dilates or expands. Especially tubes through which blood flow (blood vessels). Now since just about every brand of nitric oxide out there contains high levels of caffeine or yohimbe, the user not only experiences increased blood flow, but also am extra pump for those hard last reps and improved mental focus. One thing to watch out for is over-dosage which is why its really important to never start out with the full dose the first time you take it. Always take a small serving to test your tolerance to it. I suppose that rule goes with just about any supplement out there.

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After assessing your reaction to which ever brand of nitric oxide you choose, you'll need to decide on what type and what brand of creatine to take. I personally recommend on taking Con-Cret's Creatine Hydrochloride. It is a tad on the bitter side, but they always have a variety of flavors to suit your fancy. Now since there are different types of creatine out there, it's very important to know which one you have. The most common creatine supplement that people consume is Creatine MonoHydrate. Its very popular among body builders and high school/college students for the rapid and fast muscle gain people often report about. Personally I'm not a fan of all that hype after years of trying to put on weight with that stuff. Not to mention you have to choke down a pound and a half of it most of the time....immediately after you work your ass off. Stomach Verdict = No Bueno.

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Now for those of you who clicked on this link to just find simple directions on how and when to take this stuff like the title says...SORRY. This has been a direct outlet for my chemistry major :p Directions: --1 hour prior to workout (for those of you who used the brand i suggested)-- drink 1-2 servings of creatine hcl (the makers of concret suggest that its better absorbed before you workout.) --30-45 minutes Pre workout-- Drink Nitric oxide ---Workout--- --Immediately post workout-- Drink post workout creatine recovery drink (if you decided on a muscle tech supplement of other creatine monohydrate supplement.)

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