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First off, remember its not always quantity in the fitness world. Any bodybuilder or athlete will tell you that it doesn't matter how much you can squat if you are using the wrong muscles, not to mention the increased risk to injury you placed yourself in. So this tip will not just show you what to do, but explain the best way to do it.

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So it's tricep day, you've already fatigued them enough after your chest workout and you want to call it a day. Well take a couple deep breaths, man up and grab a dumbbell cause you're about to do some kickbacks. Grab a weight that you feel you can get 10 reps with. Now put one knee up on the bench, bend over, and most importantly, KEEP YOUR UPPER ARM FLUSH WITH YOUR BACK....or parallel to the floor for those of you that didn't grow up a carpenters son. Now push back the weight until your arm is straight, when you get to the top of the repetition, flex your tricep so that it's nice and tight! Slowly lower the weight back down as slow as you can, the very absolute key here is SLOW! The reason for this, is you want to ensure that on the way back up you aren't just swinging your arm. Two explainations for this; one, you don't build muscles with gravity and momentum doing all the work. And two, by swinging your arm in such a way could lead to SERIOUS shoulder injuries.....I can ensure you that you don't want that. Now youve done a couple reps, can you make it to 6? If you can, try to go to 8. Remember you were supposed to pick a weight you could do ten reps with, but still only do eight. The reason for this is because for theses kickbacks, you will do a total of three sets. Going up in weight by at least 5 pounds each set. So for the first you do 10 reps, the second you do 8 reps and the final set you do 6-8 reps. In this exercise you encorporate not only the positive motion, but also the negative motion as well. Both are key for ultimate muscle development.

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The next exercise is the classic tricep push down. Only here we are going to do it a little differently for they will be "Reverse tricep push downs". This exercise is very important in building the Medial Head of the tricep, as opposed to the lateral head. Medial means the one toward the middle, it is also, the bigger of the two heads So, here you'll need a straight bar, and a cable machine. Start by putting the machine in the proper position for this exercise and instead of facing you palms down on the bar, face them up to where you're essentially grabbing the bar to pull it down, essentially changing the name of these to tricep "pulldowns". Now by following the same theory as the first three sets, you'll want to do these slow and with proper form. Slowly pull the bar down until your arms straighten. Then slowly allow the bar to raise back up. Maintain good posture with a straight back throughout this exercise. For an extra pump on this one, throw In a drop set, that is pump out say 8-10 reps then immediately lower the weight 10 pounds and pump out say 5 more reps to really get the blood pumping and the nutrients flowing. Try at least three sets, or at least two if you encorporate the drop sets in, but remember, lowering the weight 10 pounds and doing more reps still counts as only one set.

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The final exercise is a good-ol-fashioned close grip push up. This is what I call a finisher movement, meaning I have to finish with this because I won't have any use of this muscle group for the next day and a half. Pushups are great not only because they nearly isolate both heads of the tricep, but they also cause your (hopefully already maxed out) chest to work just a 'lil more before quitting time. Place your hands on the floor in front of you a little closer than shoulder width together, directly next to your pectorals. Start going down slow and up fast, do this about 4-6 reps. Then go down slow and up slow. Do this 4-6 reps as well. Now pump out as many as you can until you can't anymore....then repeat for 3-4 total sets. Just be sure now to ever go down fast, as your arms are already tired and fatigued and may give out on you if you drop too fast. After this, grab your recovery shake, a shower, and make sure to get plenty of rest. As always, be safe, never lift more than you should without the assistance of someone to help you.

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Be healthy and enjoy. "The greatest wealth is health".

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