How to Determine Your Basal Metabolic Rate

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Step 1

To start off, everyone needs to understand what basal metabolic rate means. Basal means bottom layer, or in this case; BASE. Metabolic rate means the amount of energy you expend, aka - your body consumes, in a given period of time. So by putting both of those words together, you get the amount of energy that is used at complete rest (or your base metabolism).

Step 2

It is important to understand that this is not a suitable calculation for the amount of calories or macro-nutrients that you need when preforming a sport, or any other type of physical activity aside from walking the trash to the curb. Do not use this calculation if your main goal is to GAIN weight, you will not.

Step 3

First, you need to figure your exact height in centimeters. If you know how tall you are in inches, just multiply that by 2.54 to obtain centimeters.

Step 4

Next, find an accurate device to obtain your weight, you will need to find out your exact weight in Kilograms (kgs.). If your scale doesn't show kg, don't fret...just take how much you weigh in pounds and multiply that by .454. (i.e. 150 x .454= 68.1kg)

Step 5

Now that you have obtained both your ACCURATE measurements, the final formula you will use for MEN ONLY, (females have a completely different formula. So ladies, sorry....actually just scroll to the last and final step. I've included it for you there.) BMR= 66+(13.7 x Weight in kg)+(5 x Height in cm)-(6.8 x age in years).

Step 6

Here's an example for a male of average height and weight. 5'6"-137.64cm 145lbs-65.83kgs. 20 years of age. BMR= 66+(13.7 x 65.83kg)+(5 x 137.64cm)-(6.8 x 20). BMR= 1520.071

Step 7

Women, here is your formula: same concept, just different numbers applied to the measurements taken earlier; cm and kg still apply. BMR = 655 + (9.6 x Weight in kg.)+(1.8 x Height in cm)-(4.7 x age in years).

Step 8

Remember this is only a measurement of the BASE calories that your body needs at complete rest. Measuring requirements for any activity level must be specific to that particular type of exertion. Running and swimming will have a very different effect on how your body burns calories, in other words; there is no set number to add to your BMR to find out your daily requirements JUST TO MAINTAIN CURRENT WEIGHT.

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I first learned this formula after spending so much time online using the "BMR Calculators" only to obtain different inaccurate readings each time. I knew that I would need to find a way that was fast and accurate; I thought who better to calculate this than myself. :)

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