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This is the last part of the last video in the baseball series. Today we are going to go over a couple exercises you can do to generate bat strength. Now you are doing your lower body workouts on Mondays and Thursdays. Your upper body on Tuesdays and Fridays. That's going to help build strength. Also, its going to help build an d generate power to get your first step to get to the bases quicker also going to help with the swing in that you will be able to hit the ball farther. You are going to be able to swing faster. Really get some bat speed. It is all about the bat speed, power, being able to connect with the ball and that's really going to help you out.

Step 2

So, this program what its going to do... its going to build your strength, your speed. If you are doing the speed workouts, I would recommend doing them on a Wednesdays Saturdays or Sundays when you are not working out. Those are kind of your off days for lifting. So, instead of going to the gym, you are just going to go somewhere where you can do some sprints and work out some speed training.

Step 3

Again for the exercises what you want to do is get a cable machine. Set it up to about mid level where you would normally hold the bat with the cables. You don't really need an extension, or you can use the handles. And hold it. Put it on a lighter weight to simulate swinging with it and twisting the body and following through. Swinging.

Step 4

You want to do both sides to get an even work out in even if you bat righty. You want to simulate doing it left. And do both sides. Do sets of 10. And just keep doing it until you feel a really good burn. You feel like its 3, 4, 5 sets of that. You should feel like you are really working the core, getting a good twist. and step into it when you do it and really simulate your swing.

Step 5

With a weight, what its going to do is really a simulate a pop of step into it and really generating some good force to swing a bat.

Step 6

Another thing that is great if you have a pool when you are doing your pool sprints if you already have access, grab like a foam, like a little kid foam bat. You see them at Toys R Us. Go in the pool, so you are about neck high in the water. Have the bat in there, and then simulate the swing in the water. Its going to give you water resistance. Again, its going to be like using the cables - only more fluid motion because you are, you have a bat in your hand and you can follow all the way through with the water. That's also going to build the resistance and really work the swing and get your body used to stepping in and twisting and just generating as much power as possible.

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So, if you combine all these things, you really should improve your game. Its a great starting block to get your speed, your strength and everything put together and help you become a better baseball player.

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