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When I came to Ohio State, I guess it wasn't such a culture shock for me. Because i graduated with 600 kids. I was used to being around a lot of people and having a class of kids where I didn't know everybody. It didn't really bother me.

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Coming to Ohio State for the first time was pretty great, actually. I had been up to Ohio State a lot for football games before, because, like I said, I was from Pickerington. So, being 20 minutes East, my dad had taken me up to games all the time. So, I had seen what the mob of people was like on game day and you know, the whole town just shuts down for a game. Which, once you get into it, you love it. Its great.

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First time, I came up with just friends though, before I was a freshman, some buddies of mine from Pickerington and I were all going up to school at Ohio State in the Fall. We all came up and they had older brothers and they pretty much just showed us around campus and showed us a great time. And you now, I was a kid coming out of high school, so its was just amazing. It was a blast. So, that was really nice to have friends already there and really made the place feel welcoming.

Step 4

Ohio State is a really great place because you are at a really great top tier school, that has just about anything to offer that you could possibly want. And on top of that, you have the feeling that you are in the city and you get a lot of good experience from that as well.

Step 5

Twenty years from now, what I will remember about Ohio State would be the great football Saturdays and just hanging out with my buddies and having a blast. Its just really weird, not too long ago, my little sister has her graduation party and I got to see a bunch of my dad's buddies. They all went to Ohio State together and his college buddies came up and they were just sitting there telling stories about football Saturdays at Ohio State - those were some of the best times ever. And that is what I will always remember.

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