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One of the biggest things about hockey is you really have to have really strong core strength. I haven't played for a while now, just because I am normally in a league, with a bunch of guys who are also around 22, somewhere around there, but Fall didn't really work out with the football schedule, but I can be in great shape, running, lifting all the time, then first time I step out there to play hockey, I am just beat down the next day, feel like crap. It doesn't matter how good of shape you are in. And you are not like in hockey shape yet.

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What it really comes down to, is your core strength has to be really solid.

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You have to have great agility. A lot of things we would do to get ready back in high school, we would go through a field and just do agility training, pretty much work on a lot of plyometrics too. Work on your quickness.

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And one of the things that is really important is a lot of people just work out their upper body and stuff. But in sports, its always your back that is carrying you.

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So, you can do a lot of pull-ups. I personally try to do pul-ups almost every day just because they work so many muscles. So, that is really important if you are trying to get into hockey shape.

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Core strength and agility is very important!

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Ever since I was in second grade, I played ice hockey. I played football all through junior high and high school as well too. But, I was definitely a lot more into ice hockey. Mainly because growing up, our next door neighbor - he is a coach for Ohio State Buckeyes on the ice hockey team. He was always giving my dad tickets and stuff. It was great. So, growing up, just loving hockey. Got into high school, though I joined up with high school teams, some travel teams and it was really cool and we had a great coach, too. He used to spend a lot of time with us, take us on Saturdays, when he didn't have time for himself, put us through his workouts and everything. Which was a really good time.


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