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I am continuing our college football workout segment. This is for the offseason to really bring up strength and explosiveness. Monday we worked out legs. You did the squats so your legs should be pretty sore. Tuesday we went right into chest. Wednesday you had a day off. Thursday - today is back day.

Step 2

First exercise is going to be bent over rows basically with the barbell. You are going to bring it up, pop it. You can do the underhand grip, or you can do the overhand grip. I like to alternate every other week. You are going to do three sets of eight. Give yourself enough time in between to recover. Make sure you get it right to here and really going back and getting some explosion out it and that you have a good stance with it. Its really going to build a lot of explosive power.

Step 3

Next exercise is going to be lat pulldowns. And you are going to start with the wide grip and bring it down. I don't go behind my neck - just because they say it can damage your shoulders and you can kind of feel a tweak. I have a bad shoulder, so I can feel it. So, I always bring it down in front. Just get a good stretch with it. Three sets of eight of that.

Step 4

After the first two exercises, then I go to calve raises. If you remember, Monday we didn't do calve raises. All the other exercises are kind of tearing at it a little bit. You are doing the lunges and those kind of burn out your calves a little bit. So, I give it a couple days rest and now I really hit calves with seated calve raises and standing calf raises and insert those now. It will give your back a little break, so you can recover with a little more strength and you are just going to do the raises then. So, do two different exercises, seated and standing, and get a good stretch with the calves.

Step 5

Then you are going to go into seated rows for your back exercise. And you are going to grab the V-bar extension, which looks like that. You are going to sit down and lean forward, when you do it. Let it stretch out your back, so you are holding it like that, and then you are bringing it all back at once, make sure you are getting a good stretch. That's going to be your last exercise for your back.

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You want to go really heavy with back. Really try and bump your weights up. So, those are your three bid exercises for back. and then Friday we are going to go into shoulders and then after that is basically your whole week of working out. Then you are going to have Saturday and Sunday off and get started again on Monday. You need a lot of time off between this because I want you to build your strength, you are going to increment it up in the offseason. The main goal is to really get as strong as possible in the offseason the main goal is to really get as strong as possible in the offseason and then come back and be sharp or stronger, faster, more explosive on the field. And all the lifting is going to translate into that. So, today was back and tomorrow - which will be Friday of the program - you are going to do shoulders and I am going to get into how to do that.

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