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What I am going to do the next series on is actually a college football workouts or football workouts in general. So, what we are going to do is work on your strength. Because Its the off-season right now. So, your first priority is really just to get stronger and put on more muscle mass - not exactly getting bigger but really just work on strength, which is going to help with speed, power, everything you're going o need for the football field. So, today what I am going to talk about is actually your leg work out in the off-season football lifting program. What we're going to start with is just say Monday. And you can change the days as long as the time in between is the same. So, we are going to start with Monday is going to be your leg day.

Step 2

The first exercise is going to be the squats and everything you are going to want to do heavy as possible. And you are going to do three sets of eight of all the exercises. Basically if you can do nine reps, you are going too light.

Step 3

So, you want to do three sets of eight and be able to complete all three sets of 8. If you can get six or seven, bring the weight down a little bit so you can get to eight. If its easy to get to nine again, raise the weight up. So, your first exercise, like I said, if going to be squats. This is pretty much the bread and butter of your leg workout. So, you are going to want to go as heavy as possible. Make sure you get a good warm up in. When I say three sets of eight, I mean that's when you are putting on the real weight and going down and doing it.

Step 4

So, you are going to do the squats first. Basically, making sure that your thighs are parallel to the ground. You want to make sure you are putting it on your back, wearing a belt, and getting your butt to the ground.

Step 5

And make sure you're not cheating on these. It's not going to help you to cheat to put more weight on, you really just want to do it correctly. So, make your your thighs are parallel to the ground and you are popping up with explosiveness. And like I said, do three sets of 8.

Step 6

Your next exercise is going to be leg extensions. I do two legs at a time. You can do one leg at a time if you are more comfortable with that. And again, do three sets of 8 of that.

Step 7

And then you are going to do leg curls or hamstring curls and three sets of 8 same thing.

Step 8

Now, your next exercise is going to be dead lifts. And I hated doing these, but they work really well with your power and strength and is going to help with your speed. So, you are going to want to do three sets of 8. make sure you are using proper form with the bar at your legs and getting it as close to your shin as possible, lifting it up and bringing it back down.

Step 9

And then the last exercise of your leg workout I believe your legs should be shaking at this point, is going to be lunges and you are going to use dumbbells for these. I think it works the best. So, you're going to grab dumbbells and basically make sure that your strides are very long. Go longer stride than normal when you are doing these to really get a good stretch. And its going to help you to alongate your strides when you're sprints which is going to make you faster.

Step 10

Do a weight that, if you haven't done these before, don't go too heavy at first, until you get the hang of it. Its really a balance thing. Your thighs should be killing you at this point so I don't want you to fall over and get hurt. But, you will want to go heavy with them once you get the hang of it. Like I said, just really stretch out the legs, go down make sure you are touching your knee to the ground, your back knee to the ground and stretch in the front leg out and I walk a full length. If you don't have room in your gym or wherever you are doing this at, if you can do it in place, I find it a little easier to just walk the straight line down, turn around and come back. three sets of 8 of these.

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In between sets, I would give yourself a minute and a half to two minutes rest. Really don't go too quick, because like I said, your main focus is to work on your strength. So, you want to go as heavy as possible. Give yourself time. Drink plenty of fluids in between sets and in between exercises and go at it!

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