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Today we are going to go over, continuing the series on baseball workouts but today we are going to do the upper body portion, which is going to take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Step 2

Now, Tuesday you are going to go through entire upper body workout, so you are going to do a regular bench presses, incline bench presses, military presses, curls and triceps extensions and also a lat pulldowns. You want to variate from lat pull downs to rows and switch it out.

Step 3

But that day is going to be all bar work - so you are going to be using barbells for all the work, so bench press, incline, military, everything is going to be go as heavy as you can. You are still going to do sets of eight to 10, but with the barbell, you are going to be able to go heavier.

Step 4

Then on Fridays what you are going to switch up is you are going to the same type of exercise, you can switch up the order a little bit, to shock your muscles, but what you will want to do is use all of dumbbells, so for bench press, incline bench, any back rows, you are going to do bent over with a dumbbell, you can do one arm at a time, and you are just going to do all dumbbells on Fridays, so you do your bench, your incline, curls, military's, everything is with dumbbells. You are going to want to take your reps a little higher, so I would go 10-12 with the dumbbells.

Step 5

Since you have a wider range of motion with that, you are going to be able to bring it down farther, get a little more of a stretch and bring it up to the top for a little more of a stretch. You're probably most people go lighter with the dumbbells than the barbells, but its going to increase, its going to change it up a little bit to shock your muscles. Its also going to increase your range of motion and you should see a lot more gain that way.

Step 6

So, that is the upper body. And that's Tuesdays and Fridays and you are coupling that with the lower body baseball workout, which is on Mondays and Thursdays.

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And now, what we are going to get into is some speed training exercises that is great for baseball since there is a lot of start and stop sprinting. So, you are going to go from point A to point B as fast as possible and have to stop right away. So, we are going to go over some training for that, as well as some bat exercises to really increase your swing. So, that's going to be next for our baseball series.

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