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Today I wanted to talk about water consumption. It's a question I get a lot. I'm been receiving a lot of e-mails on how much water you should be drinking. You know, how to stomach the water. so, I'm just going to go over some easy things you can do so you're drinking enough water.

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I'd say the par is to just try to drink a gallon. If you're really going hard-core for a gallon and a half, 2 gallons.

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If you're drinking a gallon throughout a full day, you're going to notice a lot of things. It's going to aid in fat loss. It's also going to make you stronger because your muscles are hydrated. You should feel better, just because you're drinking more water. It's good for you as well as to help your skin, summer's coming up. So, there are so many benefits to drinking enough water. It's hard in our hectic lifestyle to be able to do it.

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One thing that I do to make sure I drink enough water is just have an empty gallon milk jug. Fill it up with water in the day, whether I have a glass all poured out of that or say I have a water bottle, I'll pour it into that. Just so I keep a measurement of that gallon jug, I can see who much I'm drinking. I don't necessarily have to carry around with me and drink out of it. But it gives me a good indication of how much water I'm drinking. I'll drink a lot of water when I work out, I also like to start the day out by drinking a couple glasses.

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The only downside with this is that you're going to have to go to him to the bathroom a lot. But your body will get used to this. You won't feel as sluggish when you first start off drinking a lot of water. You might get very bored with the taste of water. I like to Use a filter, like a Brita filter, For the water. It makes it taste a little better. also, if I get really bored with it and can't really choke down glasses, I buy Crystal light in different flavors. It's not that expensive. Especially if you get an offbrand. Put that in your gallon, shake it up. You know, you're going to fool for yourself into thinking you're drinking pink lemonade all day. So, it's really not all all that bad. Just make sure you're doing it.

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You should see a big boost in your working out and just how you feel by drinking enough water. I get these questions all the time, if you know, what can I do to just not drink it, or make it taste better. I recommend Crystal light. I recommend drinking a gallon. That goes from beginner to advanced, at the least. If you want to if you're able to pick it up a little bit, more to a gallon half. Do that. And just get ready to go to the bathroom a lot but you're lifting will definitely be improved.

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Keeping hydrated during a workout is crucial.

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