How To Do Football Cone Drills

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Step 1

If I'm training for the 40 yard dash, what I do is run, mark off 40 yards, both, to basically two cones on here. And you're going to run the 40 yards.

Step 2

You're going to jog to the next set of cones which will be 10 yards apart and then you're going to stop, and run again. And you can to do that 10 different times.

Step 3

So, again, start at the cones, you have one cone here, one cone at the other end of the 40 yards, then another cone 10 yards from that, and another cone, so you're going to make a little rectangle.

Step 4

You can run the 40 yards, jog to the next set of cones, stop for a split second, just to get in your stance.

Step 5

Whatever stance that is that you play football, so if you are a fullback, get in a three-point stance, if you're a wide receiver stand up like you're on the line. And if your cornerback, just do it like a wide receiver would. So, if you standing up or you're three point, and start, and run, go as fast, 100% each time.

Step 6

It's just a really fatigue you, but build the explosiveness and get a little endurance going. Really great way to build up your speed.

Step 7

So, those are a few different things you can do, and add those when you want. If you want to do a speed workout once a month, or if you're doing the running options, you can do that.

Step 8

Again, make sure you're building up your strength and your legs aren't too tired from the squat workout. So, those are a few things to build your strength on and the next segment I just going to go over some basic tips, just little tips that you should do as far as what to eat, what to look for, and we'll go from there.

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