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Step 1

What I'm going to get into today, we went over basically your full week of workouts. So, Monday legs, Tuesday chest, Wednesday off, Thursday back, Friday shoulders.

Step 2

Now, we are getting into what you're going to do once a month. So, last week of the month, will say, last week of the month, you're going to go through your normal workouts.

Step 3

So, leg day starts what you want to do is get a great warm-up and make sure your legs are ready to go. You are going to put on 225, if you can do it. If you can't, go down to 185. And you're going to make sure your legs are parallel to the ground. Do not cheat on these. I mean, have someone watching you if you think your going to cheat because it's going to get hard. And you're going to want to spotter anyways.

Step 4

So, make sure you do have a spotter because you can do this as many times as possible. So, have someone spot you.

Step 5

Make sure you're doing it correctly with your legs parallel. So, get your butt down to the ground and have somebody count for you.

Step 6

Just do as many as you can. So, as many as possible until you can't do another one. Then, rack the weight. Basically take a note of how many you were able to do.

Step 7

And next month you need to be able to beat that number. That means you're progressing in your strength. So, that's leg day. Leg day you're going to do the squats and then after you're done with the test, you're going to go through your normal workout routine. You don't test on everything. We're just going to do one exercise per muscle group.

Step 8

So, for legs that's going to be squats. You can test out that. So, do as many as you can with 225 if you're able to do it.

Step 9

Next Day, chest. Europe at 225 on the bench and this is what they do in the NFL combine. They did this in high school for us and they did this in college when I played in college. Basically, you were to put 225 on the bench, make sure you're all warmed up, ready to go. And you're a do 225 is many times you can, making sure touches your chest and popping it out. And I did a segment earlier on how to explode through it and increase your bench press, so you might want to look at that before you test out on this, because this is going to help you get better numbers with this.

Step 10

And you are going to go through your regular chest workout after you do the test. So, 225 on the bench. Do it as many times as possible. Again, the goal is next month to go back and beat that previous number.

Step 11

Wednesday, you have off.

Step 12

Thursday is back and you're going to want to do the bentover barbell rows and put on a weight 135, 185. If you do 185 four decent number, use 185. If not, do 135. If you're able to do 225 on it, then do that. They normally don't do these at the combine, but what is do is its going to give you a goal to beat next month. Plus it's going to build up your strength. It's always good to do this every now and then and do a test and you're going to gauge to where you're at strength wise.

Step 13

And the next day Friday, you're going to do the militarys with the barbell and you're going to test out with that. Now do 185 if you can. 225 if you are able to do that. If not, just choose a weight. They don't usually do this at combines or are testing out for college. It usually squats and the bench press is what they'll do.

Step 14

Like I said this is the gauge to make sure your strength's going up. It's a great way to switch it up. You been doing three sets of eight, three sets of eight, three sets of eight on all the exercises. Now, once a month, you're going through this week and you're doing something totally different that shocks the muscles and you're gauging your strength and making sure you're progressing. Plus, when you get to that testing phase, you're going to be a lot stronger. You're going to know, I can do 225 11 times, 12 times. So, you're going to know where you're at.

Step 15

Plus during the testing phase, your adrenaline is going to go even more, so you should be it a break that number. You're going to know where you stand before you get to that point. It's not going to be surprise to you. And your body's going to be trained to do that. You know your limits and you know exactly how to do it, what it pertains to, as far as how the test is going to go, before you get there. Mentally it's going to help you out as well. So, that's the testing phase.

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So, you've have your workout and you're going to keep doing that week in and week out in the off-season. And then you go through your testing phase. Now, in the next segment, I'm going to talk about speed training and some exercises you can throw in to help out your speed.

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