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So, I am going to give you tips for taking weight loss supplements. Some things I do to cycle - basically keep the results going. What I'll will do to start off is basically buy a fat burner - Hydroxycut, a Lipo-6, an Xenedrine, something to that effect - ephedra-free.

Step 2

Now, I will take that for 30 to 90 days three months at the most. So, you can cycle it a couple different ways. The first way is 30 days on, 30 days off. Or you can go three months on, one month off. I like to go 30 days on and then 30 days off.

Step 3

You are going to want to clean your system out with at least a month off in between when you are using it.

Step 4

And what I'll do during those 30 days is take - I'll drink green tea with the green tea bags I don't buy from the store that's already made because it usually has a lot of sugar in it.

Step 5

But I will also take the green tea pills. They are really inexpensive and its a natural fat burner.

Step 6

So, what I'll do is take the regular fat burner like an Xenedrine or Hydroxycut for 30 days. When I am off my cycle for 30 days, of the fat burner, I will take the green tea pills just something to accelerate it naturally or I will drink green tea.

Step 7

Also drink plenty of water and I try to stay off caffeine altogether for that 30 days because those pills do have caffeine in it and I like to get it out of my system. So, when I start taking the pills again, for the next 30 days, it shocks my body to keep the fat burning process going because I don't want to become accustom to caffeine as well as the other things that are in the fat-burning pills. Because like I said earlier, your body is just going to become used to it and the effects are going to stay on pace which is usual when taking a supplement.

Step 8

So, you are either going to take it for 90 days on, and then 30 days off. Or 30 days on, 30 days off, 30 days on. Do that and see how your results are. You can tweak it a little bit to fix yourself. For me, 30 days on 30 days works perfect. I feel like I get it out of my system. When I start again, I start getting amazing results again on the pills.

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A lot of times people stay on a weight-loss supplement year round. What happens is your body is going to adjust to it. It is going to become used to it and almost need it to stay where you're at. So, basically, your body is going to become complacent with it. It's not going to have the same effect it did in the first 30 to 60 days because now your body is used to it. Your results are going to become stagnant.

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