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At the end of every practice comes conditioning. Otherwise known as base running time. Some coaches choose to have players run long distances, some choose to have them run sprints, and the others choose to practice running the bases. The last one is the best choice. Not only are the players getting in better shape while running, they are also getting in good practice at running the bases. Coaches like to do these kind of drills because it gets the players in shape, but it also serves a deeper meaning. It teaches the kids about persevering through tough times and never quitting.

Step 2

First drill is to have the players start in the batters box on the side they hit from. They will do a practice swing and then run down to first base like they are running out a groundball. This should be done at 100 percent. Do this two times. Next they will act like they hit a double and sprint to second base while getting the proper round at first base. The coach can set out cones along the first base line so the players can make a good round and continue on to second base. Do this two times.

Step 3

Next the players will hit a triple and sprint to third base. The same rules apply. Make sure to round first and second base good and get a good path to third base. After touching second base the player should almost be in a straight line with third base because a straight line is the fastest way to something. Do this two times.

Step 4

Last but not least, a homerun. The players do not get to jog this homerun though, they have to sprint it just like the other bases. Make sure to round all bases properly and when approaching home slide feet first. This allows the kids to get familiar with sliding too. Do this last set two times. That is the proper way to condition the kids and teach them the basics of base running as well. While doing this drill, it is important to watch for fatigue or dehydration in the players. If at anytime a player is experiencing these systems have them stop immediately and sit out. They should try to drink as much Gatorade or water as possible.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

If a coach wants to, they can have the players slide into 2nd and 3rd base as well so they can get a lot of practice with sliding and not have to work on it another time throughout practice.

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I first started going through running and base running drills when I was in 4th grade starting to play Little League. Our coaches started to teach us the fundamentals then.

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