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Bat Speed drills are designed to increase the speed of the hands through the zone, which then results in the bat going through the zone quicker improving hitting all around. There is a direct correlation between bat speed, and the success of the baseball player.

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There are a few drills that can improve the bat speed of the individual. The first one would be placing the weight on the bat, resulting in a heavy bat so it almost becomes like weight training when swinging. Next you will hit off of a tee with the weighted bat for a certain number of swings, lets say 50 swings in this instance. Make sure between each swing you reset, and take a normal swing so you don't develop any bad habits. Although the bat is heaving, be sure to use correct form.

Step 3

The next drill you could do after the weighted bat, is switch to a lighter (youth) bat that is lighter than the normal bat you would use in a game. You will then do a certain amount of swings with the light bat hitting off of the tee again, so lets say another 50 swings. Remember to use correct form. This drill allows the player to swing faster than they normally would, which is teaching the hands and body to move faster and develop the fast twitch muscles.

Step 4

The third drill in the sequence would be "rapid toss." This is done by using the bat that would be used in regular games or practices. This is a variation of quick toss, where a partner stands to your side and lobs the ball in the zone and you swing and hit it. Rapid toss is also meant to speed up the hands, but you do not need to maintain perfect form for this drill. The partner lobbing the balls which rapidly toss them one after another so as you finish your first swing, you need to reset and swing again. Again, the partner needs to lob the ball every second so you have just enough time to swing, reset, and swing again. Do this for three groups of 25 balls.

Step 5

Finally, the last drill would be to improve the strength of the hands and wrists, because this is what affects bat speed. A few drills for this would be farmers walk. Farmers walks are done by holding a weight in each hand and walking a certain distance while gripping the weights in your hands. This really develops forearm and hand strength. The other drill is to do forearm curls with lighter dumbbells to help build forearm strength.

Step 6

Again, bat speed is the key to being a successful hitter. As individuals get older, the competition gets tougher and pitchers throw harder. So, in order to hit a 90mph fastball, a hitter needs quick hands and quick reactions. Doing these four drills with the various weighted bats will improve hand and bat speed if done consistently and seriously.

Special Attention

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Lack of arm and forearm strength, getting blisters on hands, improper technique during the drills.

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Incorporating these drills at a young age helped me become the standout baseball player I was and helped me play and start four years of varsity baseball. As well as being selected to All-state teams twice in high school.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I first began doing bat speed drills for baseball when i was in 7th or 8th grade, when I was heavily involved in travel baseball. My dad insisted that I add this to my training, and I used these drills for the rest of my baseball career into college.

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