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Who is the basketball for? There are many different sizes of basketballs depending on the gender and age. The main basketball used for kids, (up until 5th grade usually), is a 27.5 cm in circumference. For middle school kids, like a little brother or sister, they will use the 28.5 cm. But note that women, will also use the 28.5 even during high school/college. Men after middle school will move to the 30 cm (aka 29.5) for the remainder of their careers.

Step 2

Know where you will be using this basketball. There are mainly 2 different types of basketballs; indoor and outdoor. If you want a ball to play with at the park, buy an outdoor basketball. If it is for a gym that is indoors, purchase an indoor one.

Step 3

Know your budget! When you get to the store you want to purchase the basketball from, don't be tempted or coerced by a salesman to get the best one. If you just want to play at the campus rec center with some buddies, there's no need to buy a ball that is 100 bucks.

Step 4

Find one that feels right. The preference of basketballs changes from person to person. They should allow you to bounce the ball in the store, so bounce away until you find the right one.

Step 5

Finally, try and get a pump as well. The longer you play with the basketball, the more deflated it will become. So, buy a pump and some needles along with your basketball to keep it bouncing for you.

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Don't get caught up in name brands and styles at the beginning. If it bounces, then it's a good basketball. NOTE*** If you purchase an indoor ball, DO NOT bounce it outdoors. The ball is not made to withstand pavement so it will become lopsided and will not bounce straight up and down anymore.

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I first begin purchasing basketballs when I was in 7th grade. This was the point that I really wanted a special type for the locations I was practicing.

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