How to Buy Basketball Wristbands

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Step 1

Go to a sporting store, either in the mall or stand alone. This is where it will be easiest and you will get the best selection.

Step 2

When in the store, find the basketball section. (Be sure not to buy wristbands from the football section because those will be different shapes and sizes than basketball ones).

Step 3

Know what colors you'd like to buy. Depending on either a team uniform, or just your preference.

Step 4

They will come in packs of 2 wristbands usually so picking up one or two packs should be enough.

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Note***You will not be able to try them on in most stores because they are packaged and sealed. Most brands will be the same in comfort, so there is no need to try them on.

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When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I first bought wristbands for basketball when I was in middle school. I wanted them because my sweat would reach my hands when I played and I would lose grip of the basketball.

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